Space Dandy 2 Episode 11- Dimension Invaders

These episodes are just getting better and better.

I honestly didn’t expect things to turn out like this, and that’s pretty good. Dandy however seems to be getting a bit more “serious” like they promised back when the 1st season was airing. If you thought the first episode of the second season was the only mention of different dimensions, well, this episode’s got all the numerical interpretations of that concept.

Man, everybody is making Galaga references these days

An unexpected start from the usually silly Dandy. A little light is shed on Dandy’s past where one of his lady friends named Catherine decided to choose another man named Paul instead of him. The two end their relationship on seemingly neutral terms. Something around the lines of warping is added but Dandy refuses to learn its secrets.

Space Dandy 2- News

Dimensions seemingly collide when Dr. Gel and Bea witness a large energy signature tear through a planet and add it to its tapestry like design. Their ship is quickly consumed as well. On the other side, we join Dandy’s crew riding down an escalator in a mall where Meow feels sick after warping around too many times in their previous hunting venture. Suddenly warning signs pop up and it the universe that’s making it way through the 3D universe is a 2D universe that conveniently turns things 2D if it enters it like an old school arcade shooter. QT and Meow are interested but Dandy however is in no mood to hear anything about it.

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Dandy runs into Catherine of all “people” who turns out to be a 4th dimensional. The crew and Catherine go to Boobies and we learn that Catherine chose Paul over Dandy and it turns out that Paul is the 2-dimensional prince whose personality had changed when he succeeded his predecessor. Catherine requests that Dandy stops Paul in his rampage to find her. Dr. Gel and Bea investigate the 2D dimensional universe and recognize the energy signature is still present here. They see a fleet with a warp drive that is the cause of the energy signature and they suspect if they can fight their way through it and destroy it they might be able to return. Bea is scared but Dr. Gel states his excitement in finding the unknown.

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While Dandy sulks around Catherine, QT and Meow find Honey as a stowaway who wishes to see Paul for herself. Elsewhere, Gel and Bea fight their way through the 2D ships, Space Invader style. The crew surmises a plan to infiltrate the 2D universe but Paul has already begun folding up his universe making it somewhat obvious that his base of operations is at the other end. Catherine’s idea is to slip into one of the gaps but Honey proposes that they can just poke their way through.

Space Dandy 2- Perspectives

The plan is successful and Paul sends out a transmission that both Dandy’s crew and Dr. Gel receives. The latter’s forces are able to penetrate the defenses and fires upon the warp drive. Out of it though, comes out the 1 dimensional universe and Gel and crew are sucked in. The problem is solved as the 2D universe is quelled off. So apparently Paul got a hold on the 1st Dimensional universe to access warp travel to invade the 3rd. Catherine asks Dandy if he’s figured out the secret of warp drive and he gives an answer that warp doesn’t really exist. Warping is essentially traveling through the space between universes only that the traveler isn’t mostly aware of that. It’s because of this that Catherine views the Dandy before warping was the one she loved compared to the Dandy now. Dandy replies that he still loves her since he can’t really perceive that. Catherine tells us that Paul was helpless without her which was why she chose him.

Slightly confusing but in a good way. Dandy’s multiverse concept has been present since Episode 1 with the ending song and of course, the fact that some episodes have people outright dying and coming back later on. This became a major thing in the first episode of Season 2 but Dandy’s “universe” just seems to get bigger and bigger.

One thought on “Space Dandy 2 Episode 11- Dimension Invaders”

  1. All I can say is as long as you’re enjoying and getting the bigger picture of the show then that’s good. I still only see it as a visual marvel and little else. Like if Summer Wars were turned into an animated series. Something like that. Amazing to look at but the overall plot is geared towards those who pay attention.

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