Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders- The Road to Egypt

Only half of the journey is over.

I was extremely biased towards Part 1 and 2’s adaptations that I really never gave any of them a full talk about them back then. Part 3 however is the most widespread part of the series and is also the most iconic so I figured I should give my two-cents on the adaptation. This post shall be a quick recap of the final episode and my thoughts on the adaptation so far and my expectations for the coming conclusion.

Side note: Dandy and SAO are up while Blade Dance will be a two parter.

The real ride begins January

Let’s get Episode 24 out the way first. Other than the handshake moment with Polnareff and Kakyoin scene I was waiting for, the general fight was just that the Empress had a strength gain when its user Midler decided to close in by the shore. Jotaro gets caught by the Empresses teeth and the crew think he’s done for until Star Platinum beats out the teeth with sheer force of strength and speed. The crew surface and finally reach the shores of Egypt. After a reassuring call from Suzi, we move on to a much more grim note as an agent in the Speedwagon Foundation who had located DIO’s mansion sees 9 cloaked figures approach it. He is then quickly killed by a moving body of water. Approaching the Egyptian desert is a SPW Foundation’s helicopter with its mysterious passenger in the back.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- Handsigns

I liked how they realized that the Empress fight was nothing to make 22 full minutes about. It certainly isn’t the most interesting or entertaining fight and they decided to leave us some exposition for the continuation. Everyone is well and alive, Suzi is reassured that Joseph will be watched over by Jotaro, and the likes. Really loved how they added the 9 new Stand users too. Iggy’s tease was all expected and I honestly expected this is where they would leave it off; I just didn’t think it would fit like a glove like it did.

Anyway on to the review. Since I am a massive fan of Jojo I will keep this review as objective as possible.

So right off the bat I will say this: This is an example of a GREAT adaptation. I praise David Productions for them being able to convert those expressive panels of the original manga onto the animated plane. You can’t deny that it Part 3 looks and sounds great. It follows the manga flawlessly, paces fights nicely, and they even added some exposition to make sense out of some scenes. The regular weekly Stand fights that weren’t that memorable in the manga were made so entertaining with the adaptations and I honestly didn’t expect myself to be having that much fun watching it.

Part 3

The only problem with the above statement is that the actual source material is not that good. Simply put, Part 3 is one of the weakest entries of Jojo compared to the rest of the parts. That necessarily isn’t a bad thing though. Jojo is definitely something else in the shounen category and for what it is, Part 3 is still creative and expressive like its fellow parts but falls flat when it comes to comparing with them. Think about it like this. Part 1 was fun but Part 2 just blew it out of the water. The basic concept of Ripples were introduced and then they were taken to the max level of creativity with Part 2. Part 3 is essentially “Part 1” of the Stand arcs. The creativity and insanity of the Stands will only get better from Part 3.

In conclusion, the words that I want you all to take with you are these. If you liked it then great, it only gets better and better. If you didn’t, well, the worst is over. As I mentioned above, they made less memorable fights really entertaining and consider this: Those “not so memorable fights” were the weakest fights in the weakest arc. If you were like me and enjoyed the ride then it only gets better and believe me, you haven’t seen Part 3 until AFTER we enter Egypt.

I have high expectations come next January when the conclusion of Stardust Crusaders arrives in its full glory.

As a final note, I will say that Part 3 really does capture the “Adventure” part of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. We won’t get to have worldwide adventures like this again so I appreciated all the exposition and little backgrounds the narrator provided.


4 thoughts on “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders- The Road to Egypt”

  1. If and when they go ahead and do Part IV, it’ll be even more problematic. Part I took place 100% of the time in England. Part II went all over the place from New York to Mexico, to Italy to Switzerland and back down to Italy again. Part III starts in Japan, and then traverse in a very round about way to Egypt.

    Part IV took place not only entirely in Japan, but in the city of Morioh (Sendai). If they go about doing it in 2 half, it basically comes down to Josuke walking around town, get into fights against stand users abusing their power, befriending some of them, and generally getting into adventures. Hell, the main villain of the story wasn’t even hinted at until about midway through the story arc.

    I very much look forward to Part V and VI as their narrative structure is a bit more conventional Shonen action adventure. And of course, every single story arc is longer than the previous one.

    1. I can only imagine the animeonly people complaining about the stand user of the week format get used to the rather low-intensity of the start of Part 4.

      Doesn’t matter to me too much since Part 4 is one of my favorites. There are definitely more interesting fights overall in Part 4 than most of Part 3.

      1. It definitely have the fan favorite Rohan Kishibe, a manga artist with a ludicrous broken and overpowering Stand (One that I’m sure the actual manga artist wouldn’t mind having), but still falls for each and every single trick Stand he ran across. I guess he’s a wee bit dense on that department.

        Part V took place all over Italy, and a very large part of Part VI took place in a Florida jail. There was a theory that Araki wrote Part VI in an attempt to get out of Shonen Jump with material that’s really unsuited for that publication. Well, it works, and Part VII and beyond is now on Ultra Jump (monthly seinen magazine) geared towards older audience.

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