Music of the Week #154


Earthbound 4

Work piles up for me near the end of the week so it gets a bit more hectic trying to get these in on time. Thankfully enough, I already got a few posts written out and just need to be finalized so if anything I’m usually kept up. The first half of Jojo Part 3 ends this week but I think Fall will be decent enough to get me through it. Other series like Dandy will reach its end as well and I’ll be sad to see it go. You can wait for the rest of my judgments when the season ends of course.

I’ve been playing Dark Crusade again for a while and I’ve had the worst habit of accidentally saving over my latest save files (this has happened twice) so I’m on an aggravated third playthrough of a race of my choice again. I hate repeating things so this is especially frustrating. On another note, I’ve been hunting episodes of Galaxy Angel but have found no luck other than the complete 1st season. The GA II posts will reach their conclusions from me too. It’s just that I want them to be nicely spaced out.

On a final note on what’s going on, I’ve ordered a figure and two artbooks coming my way so I’ve got some things to look forward too.

We’re still on the Earthbound train and this week’s theme is Onett’s theme, the iconic town where Ness hails from. There’s a lot of memory to be had with this theme.

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