Mini-Sword Art Online II Episode 10- The Final Fight better be worth it

I keep ending up renaming SAO II posts into the Mini category because of the talking instead of the action going on. Now while that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it involves a character that’s getting himself better writing as the series goes along and a character who I objectively like but subjectively hate because I don’t like Miyuki Sawashiro’s voice being part of a harem.

That aside, these extended dialogues that are meant to have somewhat deeper meanings/feelings aren’t making too big of an impact on me and end up being a lot shorter than I would want them to be.

Oh well, like the title suggests, I really hope the last fight is something around the lines of the opening.

Nobody dies and Sinon gets saved by Kirito when he throws a smoke grenade and separates Death Gun and the paralyzed Sinon. The duo then make a run for it and Kirito gets on a motorcycle to get themselves to safety. Sinon is tasked to delay Death Gun as much as possible and shoot his mount for her traumatized state of seeing the gun she used to kill her assailant comes back and haunts her. While Death Gun is catching up behind them, Sinon is hesitant and Kirito helps her shoot.

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While the shot is missed, the bullet gets into the car and triggers an explosion and catches Death Gun in the blast. The two seek refuge in a cave and and Sinon finally breaks down only after she goes about how she’s weak and wouldn’t care about dying. Kirito however reassures her and after throwing a tantrum, she calms down.

The two then reveal their traumatic moments to each other.

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