Space Dandy 2 Episode 9- Time for Heaven, Baby

The soundtrack continues to impress while the episode pulls another fast one on us.

I always end up “reviewing” the episode in the beginning instead of the end but I will just say the dancing wasn’t all that amazing other than when Dandy was on screen. The entire event needed to be like a party. I forgive this episode thanks to its insane ending and the new addition to the soundtrack.

So far we had 2 fish episodes and at least 3-4 singing/dancing episode.

Once more, our crew finds themselves in a financials slump and Dandy has a strange dream about dancing with an extremely extravagant alien. Related to dancing, QT clarifies their current destination to Grease. Apparently, a mysterious species of groovy aliens known as Dancingions show up every 500 years for one hell of a dance off with the winner taking a few million woolongs. Of course, it’s always been a Dancingions that have won the contest and while Dandy feels a bit weak with dancing after his dream, they decide to pay the planet a visit on the 500th year after the previous party.

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Much to their dismay, the planet seems to be a desolate one with very few people and fewer traces of a great party. Dandy and co. locate a record store and Meow notes out how shady it is when one of the customers goes through a dimensional rift and the clerk not giving a fig about it. Dandy picks out an interesting record and makes a purchase but the clerk tells him to never play it and just enjoy the jacket. QT asks the clerk of the festival and the latter points them toward the tourist center. So it happens that the planet has 3 remaining inhabitants, an elderly couple and the husband’s mother. The man’s mother apparently was alive when the Dancingions came to the party 500 years ago but has fallen into a coma for 300 years and counting. The wife is ready to close up shop and leave like the rest of the planet’s former inhabitants but the husband wishes to see the Dancingions again one more time. Dandy is bribed quite simply to set up another farce of an event.

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A broadcast is sent out far and wide advertising the return the Dancingeons and cue a montage of an assortment of aliens coming to the planet but it only turns out to be at least 5 newcomers. Dandy is dressed up all fancy-like and is prepared to give a show but we switch scenes to Bea and Dr. Gel talking about the former’s melancholy and low esteem due to their constant explosion-ridden work record. Dr. Gel promises his loyal assistant a vacation but they bump into a disc ship that heads down to the planet of Grease. Enter the funky looking, afro wearing gold alien who begins dancing his heart out and gets everyone else dancing as well. Dandy then gets his drive going and the two begin dancing.

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To one up the dancing alien, Dandy decides to play the record that he was warned not to. This begins to accelerate the time and Dandy and party become old aged while everything around them accelerates. Dandy tells Meow to reverse the record and they fiddle around with it a bit more until they return to the regular timeframe. The dancing alien Tron Javolta turns out not to be a Dancingion at all, in fact, the real ones were the accumulated clumps of Algae that were native to the planet and took a ridiculously long time to mature. Dandy’s interference brings them back to shape and the supposed dancing contest happens to be a lightshow by the algaes that begin to merge together into rings of light. The spectacle is beautiful but Dandy and Tron still dance it off but it turns out that the rings of light are actually going to blow the planet up and everything else around it.

The planet Grease is terminated and is destined to become another Grease many millennia later but first, the spiritual remains of Dandy and the rest of the party dance.

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