Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Episode 5- Time for nothing

What’s the point of introducing a character who actually has some (albeit, overdone) connection to the main character in the past and not making her the focus of this episode? I mean I understand getting into some more character traits but still, I wanted some more of new girl.

Anyways, as I mentioned, a new girl joins the harem but we only see her at the beginning and end.

So years ago when Kamito still had Restia, he saved a girl named Fianna from certain death. Fianna however wasn’t completely unaware and recognized the sword Kamito was using and to her horror recognized him as Ren Ashbell. However the two come to an accord to keep it a secret and Kamito escorts her out of the woods. Before separating she gets his name. Many years later, Fianna arrives at the school to seek out her one and only.

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So apparently, the school’s Blade Dance is not a solo act, rather a team effort. Claire’s attitude however make it tough for the duo to actually get a team together but for training purposes, they are pitted against a group of five. The duo end up losing after they were stalled by four out of the five team members and the fifth member pulling out a rather powerful attack that wiped them out. Rinslet joins the duo and Est for lunch but her usual attitude clouds her reasons for being there. Her maid points out that Rinslet is also in need of a team as her attitude drove away everyone else like a similar someone.

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Claire is prompted by Kamito to invite Rinslet to their team but the generous offer morphs into a fight based on ego and while the two are bickering, Ellis shows up to ask Kamito a question. The two are silent and Ellis continues in saying that she wants Kamito to join her team for the blade dance. Claire gets possessive and tries to drive away Ellis and Kamito understandably agrees to stay with little redhead with issues. Ellis seems to be level headed herself as she accepts her offer being turned down. Before Ellis completely leaves the scene however, she tells Kamito to head to the principle’s office.

Blade Dance- Fianna Full

Kamito and Greyworth bicker on bit on Kamito’s still shady past but the conversation leads toward finally introducing Fianna. Kamito being the MC for this particular harem of course has no recollection of how many girls he has saved in his lifetime and doesn’t recognize her while the opposite definitely remembers. Fianna turns out to be from quite the high ranking noble family and Greyworth assigns Kamito’s near-nonexistant team to be her escorts.

I’m mad that I need to wait another week.

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