2014 Figure List Part 1: Summer WonFes 2014

Space Dandy and Blade Dance are up in line but let’s take a break from that.

I haven’t talked about figures for a good year so I decided that I would tackle the subject right after the 2014 Summer Wonder Festival. I’ll tire everyone out with what I got and what I want (of what is out) in part 2 so let’s get to the Wonder Festival stuff that got my interest.

I’m going to keep this nice and simple so let’s not waste anytime here. Here are the figures that got my attention this WonFes.

Announced: The Wait List

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  1. GSC EV Mirai Racing Miku 2014: I’m a sucker for Racing Miku designs but of course, that doesn’t mean instabuy just yet. Oh well, they usually turn out well anyway.
  2. GSC Racing Miku 2013 Sepang: FREEing’s version is pretty damn good so it’d be pretty hard to top this one. Either way, we just have to wait.
  3. Alter Purple Heart: In all honesty, I feel like I won’t be getting this or Black Heart because they’re designs from the first and second games. The V-versions of the HDD costume are my favorite.
  4. Wing Sansei Muramasa Bunny: Wing’s previous Muramasa was pretty low quality but Muramasa in a bunnysuit is enough for me to consider something.
  5. Max Factory Nagato, Mutsu, Amatsukaze: If anything, I’m just in it for Nagato but it’s Max Factory who’s been doing very well lately.


Sculpted-Not Painted


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  1. Alter Black Heart: Same deal with Purple Heart.
  2. Phat Company Kongou: I don’t have any of Phat Company’s stuff but Kongou looks pretty good. If a few slight adjustments can be made to the mouth I’d think I’d take this without too much doubt.
  3. Broccoli Miu, Shirley: I realize that I have a company loyalty thing going on here (I love both Yuzusoft and Broccoli). But if anything, I decided not to buy too many 1/8th scales too much anymore unless it’s Miku or characters I love.
  4. Alphamax Kurumi: I thought that DAL’s amazing designs would warrant some figures but until this came along, not too many things came along. I’m really looking forward to this Kurumi.
  5. GSC BB and Nero: Nero has always been a fun character for me while BB recently became one of my favorites (I realized my fetishes for nice legs/footwear). I eagerly awaits these and you could consider BB one of my most anticipated.
  6. Alter Nero swimsuit: Not the biggest fan of swimsuits but I’ll see how Nero turns out. I’m glad it’s a decent size too.
  7. Aquamarine Chris: Same like Phat Company, I don’t own anything of Aquamarine but I love Chris so I’ll wait and see.


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  1. Max Factory Yamato: Out of all the Kancolle girls, Yamato stands as one of my few favorites. I eagerly await this but not so much as BB. The face is somewhat of an issue and I’m scared if I start on one Kancolle, I might have to get all my favorites.
  2. Max Factory Himeji Castle: This came out of nowhere but I find this adorable. I think this was from a art circle that made girls out of historical buildings. Hilarious but very pretty. Once again the mouth is a bit off but we’ll see how it ends up when it’s up for preorder or after reviews come in.
  3. GSC Racing Miku 2014: I didn’t like the 2014 design too much but damn, they got this sculpted and painted real quick. Maybe we’ll get a release of a Racing Miku in her designated year. I swear, 2012 is the only one I have issues with (2010 doesn’t count).
  4. GSC Musashi: Musashi is right below my favorite girls of Kancolle list and she came out a lot better than I imagined. But her general face isn’t exactly my cup of tea. It’s an all or nothing deal with the Kancolle girls, it feels bad having this complex.
  5. Alter Heidmarie: The only Strike Witch I will like. I honestly never gave the series a chance and I don’t plan on it either. Heidmarie just appeals to my visual needs the most.
  6. Alter Mefmera: This came out so much nicer than I ever imagined. No idea about the source but damn, the colors are so fitting.
  7. Griffon Kirino: I never bought a thing from Griffon but their reputation isn’t all that great. Then I find this monster and goddamn, she’s pretty. Too bad I don’t like her as a character at all. I’m fairly sure that this based off art with Kuroneko and Ayase next to her. Because of the size, I definitely won’t buy it but damn….it’s so pretty.

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