Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Episode 3- Something actually happened

Well who have thought, a semi-character death.

So we’ve got introduced to two more girls while I believe we got one more human to join the harem later on. If anything, I’m actually interested to see what will happen next episode with Claire going semi-rogue with a malign spirit but I doubt it will surpass my expectations.

Wasn’t all that bad.

The evil spirit descends down and the party decides to postpone the fight and retreat. Ellis and Kamito bicker over who will cover everyone’s escape but Claire steps in and decides to be useful. While it seemed Claire might have been doing some damage, she actually wasn’t and then knocked aside fairly quickly. Kamito tries to play the hero but he is unable to properly call out his contracted spirit.

Blade Dance- Claire

Of all things, Scarlet the fire cat decides to materialize and fight the evil spirit. Just like her master however, Scarlet doesn’t last long and eventually gets crushed between the evil spirit’s teeth. While we only knew her for 3 episodes and apparently had been Claire’s only friend for the longest time, Scarlet’s death obviously deals a devastating blow to Claire’s willpower.

So only after all that does Kamito finally get himself to properly call out his contracted spirit and one shots the evil spirit and cuts it in half while revealing that he’s actually Ren Ashbell. What is up with these crossdressing stuff these days?. Claire is saved but Kamito blacks out soon after. During his unconsciousness, we are able to get a glimpse of Kamito’s past. Forcefully raised as a fighter and then forced to make a contract with Restia, the girl who he has been looking for and the one who also released the evil spirit on them


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Kamito then comes to in a fancy room but more importantly becomes aware of something beneath the covers. Kamito is introduced to the half-naked Est, the personified form of the contracted spirit. Kamito doesn’t absolutely freak out just yet and is concerned over how Est is worried about someone seeing her bare legs than the rest of her body. Rinslet and maid come in and Kamito covers Est and tries to play the situation off. He’s prompted to leave the room since a male is not allowed in the dorms in the first place but he argues back saying he needs to change. Movement under the covers prompts Rinslet to tear away the covers and find Est on Kamito.

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So after the usual girl calling Kamito a pervert and using her powers to attempt to hurt him, Kamito and Est walk around the school to find Claire. They run into Ellis and while she’s not too happy that Kamito already has another girl clinging to him, she compliments him on his performance the other day. Kamito asks for more information on Claire and learns that a ceremony for girls contracting powerful spirits is going on and method of winning involves the tournament of Blade Dance. Knowing Claire will attempt it, Kamito and Est make for the city. Claire runs into the disguised Restia who bestows the former with an evil spirit after she agrees to want more power.

Hopefully something fun will happen. Est isn’t all that bad either.

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