Music of the Week #145

The transition week is upon us

Samurai Champloo L@mBerT

So far it’s Space Dandy and SAO II that are out that I have watched. One because it’s just fun with great music while the other is it to confirm Light’s judgement of the light novels, although he has recently reread GGO and said it was pretty weak. I apologize for not posting those two post as they came out on Saturday. I got myself a new labtop and had to move around 40 gigs worth of stuff here. Downloading some games took some time as well. My highlight of the week was that I was able to run GA II with the PCSX 2. Feels so good man.

Anyways, I’m free of work for the rest of the week so I should be able to get the important stuff up so see you then.

Here’s this week’s music folks, I’m off to download more stuff and write.


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 14- Spooky skull thing in the sky, totally not suspicious

Love how Jotaro, the guy who usually is the one who identify the Stand user before anyone else, brings to attention some skull forming in the sky but no one does anything. You think with all the shit they went through that they would take that as a sign of warning. Oh well, it’s Jojo, and it’s Part 3 so I can forgive it.

We’re actually nearing another funny fight after the Justice fight and after a few more, we’ll be at Egypt. Also before we start, allow me to give my thoughts on the first episode of the dub since I was unable to get to Episode 2-3

  1. Jotaro is supposed to sound like a teenager who legitimately wants to be left alone and if anything has the indifferent tone. In the english dub, he sounds a bit more angsty since his pitch got moved up a bit.
  2. Avdol legitimately sounds African in my ears so that’s a good thing. English dubbed animes sometime attempt to imitate the accents depending on the character’s backgrounds and Avdol’s isn’t that bad. However, Avdol’s gratuitous english isn’t as charming when he’s speaking English.
  3. Joseph’s voice actor got the aged thing pretty good but he sounds a bit younger than he has to. That’s nitpicky but in my opinion it’s pretty decent.
  4. Holly is just Holly, whether she does a good job or not, she won’t be showing up for a while. That being said, Dub VA’s have a hard time voicing little girls so 40+ year old woman probably wasn’t the hardest thing to do.

DIO didn’t get enough lines for me judge and Kakyoin won’t be judged just yet. From what I hear, the ORA ORA is weak, but that’s not surprising. I will await to see how Emerald Splash and DIO will sound like (not that anyone can beat Koyasu but I honestly respect Partrick Seitz)

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Ping Pong the Animation Review- A Hero Appears

Leave it to a series from 1996 to blow everything else out of the water.

I had a thought to myself that Slam Dunk is pretty much the cream of the crop when it comes down to sports manga. Even in general, I disregard sports series mostly because of one thing: Predictability. This is sort of the reason why the certain niche that accompanies a series is important when deciding if I should give something a go. Then again, this is just me being biased as ever. However, you can’t deny that many sports series and its conflicts are obviously predictable. In Slam Dunk’s defense, they won their last game but they didn’t make it to the finals.

However all that stuff about sports don’t apply to this series. Ping Pong is different. While it most certainly looks like a sports series, it’s something more.

You know I would take this post into the philosophical tier of review but I honestly don’t feel like spoiling anything for any potential watchers.

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Black Bullet Review- Dead Loli’s: Stand Alone Complex

The 13 episode ride on an enormous bug packed with corpses is finally over.

Every season, I have my formulaic line up of series. There’s the one show I’m generally excited for, the mandatory fanservice show, and the one generic action show. This season I got my mandatory Jojo which will continue on for the next  few seasons. Hitsugi no Chaika and Ping Pong carved it’s way into my heart as a fondly remembered series with the former getting a second season in the Fall. Date A Live was the fanservice show of the season which already got its biased yet objective review from me. So all in all, it was a pretty damn good season.

But then there’s the odd one out. The ugly duckling colored black while its siblings are comically muscular, ugly but full of heart, questionably acceptable, and one with huge eyebrows.

I’m sorry if you don’t get my joke but whatever, let’s talk about Black Bullet.

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Music of the Week #144

Summer’s here and it rained for 3 days here.


Only two things remained to be reviewed. Black Bullet will be up tomorrow while Friday will have Ping Pong. That’s right, I marathoned the entire thing on Monday and yeah, you can probably guess my reaction to it. Anyways, Summer just let loose its first episodes and they both have nothing to do with my interests so nope.

Not sure if I should just make a large preview post or just go through everything individually. Then again, as If I’m going to branch out and watch SoL and yuri stuff.

Here’s Tsurugi ni Mai from Champloo enjoy folks. Watch out for Black Bullet tomorrow.