Space Dandy 2 Episode 4- Dandy the Musical

Not as musical as I had expected but nonetheless a solid episode.

I realized that I’ve been exclusively watching the dub version but for the sake of musical quality, I decided to watch both versions this time. In all honesty, they sound pretty much the same so I guess that’s a thumbs-up. It was a fun episode but of course, not all songs in a musical is necessarily amazing and that obviously goes for this too.

The ride known as Dandy is never the same. Alas this will be short because I can’t really judge music.

Once again our crew find themselves in a financial rut and once again decide to go all or nothing to find a rare alien to register to sustain themselves for the future. Meow brings up news he found on Space-Twitter on a profile of someone who happens to be a Category A alien. QT recognizes a picture and identifies it as Baverly Hills Highschool. Dandy decides that in order to track the elusive alien, he’s going to have to go in undercover as a transfer student to hunt it down. So begins Dandy’s quest through highschool that reminds me of a Family Guy episode.

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Dandy gets immediately identified as a trespasser but he was somehow able to get himself a transfer student I.D and is given pass after being slammed to the ground. The nerdy girl with the ever essential eye-covering glasses checks up on Dandy and he begins to make a move until he notices the glass, and then later the “eyes”. Moving past that, Dandy introduces himself to the class but isn’t greeted as warmly as he had thought. Being the stubborn one he is, he attempts to get some girls, only to get rejected. This gets kicked up a notch when the essential Queen of the students get into song and explain the pecking order of the school. This is of course QT tells Meow that the school functions off dancing and song.

Space Dandy 2- Mean Girls

QT and Meow show up to tell Dandy more of the alien they’re hunting. Apparently it is female and is identified if a flower blooms when it falls in love. Dandy is then informed of prom since the seniors get out at the end of the week and he aims to be Prom King if he’s going to identify the alien by dazzling everybody. Of course, Dandy is unable to get anybody and then decides that the nerdy girl who helped him earlier is fine.

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To prepare them for prom of all things, Dandy and the girl train in a Rocky IV style training montage and eventually show up late to the dance. Cue the song battle between the popular kids and Dandy. Dandy then cuts in with everybody joining him while the popular kids gets thrashed a bit and decide to join in as well. Dandy and his partner are crowned Prom King and Queen. Dandy prepares to leave but also gets a kiss from his partner before leaving. QT thinks they’re forgetting something and of course, it turns out our Prom Queen was the rare alien all along.

It was a decent episode in all honesty. I’m not the biggest fan of musical like stuff but that being said I found this very enjoyable. While not the most hypest episode I could ask for, I was pleased.

2 thoughts on “Space Dandy 2 Episode 4- Dandy the Musical”

  1. It is still fun to watch thanks to the MC. I’m still good with the series so far, nothing that isn’t enjoyable at all to watch.

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