Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 15- Trollnaref

The conclusion of the Justice Arc

I really have to hand it to David Productions for making such a fine adaptation. Some of you may not know but Part 3 is essentially the Part 1 of the Stand-related Parts. I’ve been enjoying a lot of the fights from that manga that were honestly somewhat boring. While Justice wasn’t definitely boring, I’m just glad to have such a devoted crew make a relatively weak Part of the series into something so enjoyable.

That aside, let’s wrap up the fight.

Continuing off from last episode, Polnareff hears a thud from the lower floor and decides to investigate it while on his bathroom search. Enya panics on how her plan will fail if Polnareff discovers Hol Horse’es body. She pretends to have fallen and Polnareff helps her sit down on a chair and begins to talk about how lonely someone might get running a hotel on their own and asks Enya if she has any family.

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Enya is obviously aggravated by this conversation topic and plans to stab Polnareff with the same shears she used to injure Hol Horse. Polnareff’s last words of telling her that he’ll be her son for the day somehow coincides with Hol Horse waking up from behind the couch and warning him of Enya’s plot. Enya then makes her move and barely misses hitting Polnareff. She then reveals that all the townsfolk are under control and the men and women that the Joestar crew interacted with from before have holes in their bodies like the dead man they found (who also happens to be walking toward Polnareff). Polnareff begins to run toward the door while Hol Horse pleads Polnareff to not leave him.

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Polnareff enters the back room and barricades the door with a chair while thinking of a way out. He finds no other door available and the window has iron bars blocking his way out. He finally enters one room and decides to hide. Polnareff laments the fact that he’s always assaulted in bathrooms and plans to fight his way out if any of the zombies open the door to the bathroom. However, the shadows beneath the door recede and the lack of sound scares Polnareff more than the loud noises the zombies were making earlier. He decides to take a peek through the keyhole and finds another eye staring back at him.

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The tongue of a zombie flies through the keyhole and lands a wound on Polnareff’s tongue. Enya calls upon Justice and Polnareff is dragged out. Enya decides to humiliate him before murdering him and drags Polnareff by the tongue to lick the toliet clean. Before Polnareff can really get to doing that, Jotaro bursts into the other room and Enya quickly returns to attend to her new guest. Jotaro questions where Polnareff is and Enya thinks through her words before responding but in the end decides to go for Jotaro when he turns his back. She guides him toward the backroom door and readies her shears until Jotaro steps back to question one more thing. Enya barely misses stabbing herself in the eye and Jotaro asks about how she knows his name and called him Jotaro when he has kept track of how no one has ever said his name. Enya responds by saying she looked at the check in book but Jotaro reveals to have listed his name wrong enough to distinguish that Enya had prior information.

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Enya then decides to actively fight back and the backdoor breaks down with the zombies flinging themselves toward Jotaro. A flurry of punches by Star Platinum is able to repel all of them back but Justice still remains. Enya gloats at how it would be impossible for any of them to do any harm to the intangible Stand but Jotaro says that he will defeat her before she takes another breath. True to his word, Enya finds it hard to breath and finds Star Platinum inhaling Justice and cutting off air to Enya. She faints from asphyxiation and our crew survives another encounter. They tie her up while she’s still unconscious and decide to bring her with them to get information out of her. Hol Horse however survives as well and escapes in their jeep.

Works starting to pile up so I’m out of here to write more. The Justice arc was pretty nicely adapted in my opinion but that’s just David Productions being responsible producers and big fans of the series. Steely Dan is a more memorable fight in Part 3 and I hope we get some good barrage of ORA ORA in one of Jotaro’s most famous beatdowns this week.

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