Sword Art Online II Episode 1&2- This gun is the best gun ever

EDIT: Litchi player taking EVO 2014 in Blazblue is probably the reason why the Litchi pic is getting so many views today. Thanks EVO!

Know that I judge SAO harshly because people still see it as the best thing ever.

I decided to take Light’s words to heart and continue on this bad road trip called Sword Art Online. A few months ago, he mentioned that the series generally gets a bit more tolerable from the GGO arc while it actually becomes decent in the later developments. Now around 2 weeks ago, he said he read through GGO and said that in hindsight, it was pretty bad as well.

To kill any expectations from this series even further, half of this episode was just Kirito and Asuna just talking. Nothing happens but to set up plot and I’d rather see Kirito interact with the dude from the extremely long intelligence agency name that can be just called, Virtual investigator. My hate aside, let’s hop into the allegedly improving arc known as GGO

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Let’s not waste anytime with Episode 1 since Asuna synthesizing with Kirito makes me sick in the stomach. Kirito is called in by a man who, in simple terms, has to do with safety and government watch on VMMORPG’s. He understandably has every right to be worried after the last 2 but Kirito for some reason really gets irked talking to him. The dude (who will now be referred to as Agent) explains an incident that involved 2 players in GGO that mysteriously have been killed in their homes. Reports ingame say that their avatars were shot and were disconnected by someone who reportedly said the line “…Judgement” and fired his gun at their projection on a T.V screen. Kirito concludes that it is impossible to kill a person in a game with the updated system and Agent is glad to hear it because he wants Kirito to investigate. He coaxes Kirito with pay after the latter complains how GGO is filled with pro players who can trade ingame currency for money. The final scene shows this arc’s main girl, Sinon, about to snipe a party.

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Episode 2 covers the entirety of the fight between Sinon’s party and a group of ambiguous guys that Sinon and co. are targeting. Sinon seems to be the treasured member of this band of players and they target a 7 man party. Sinon will start the fight by eliminating one of their key players while she provides support while her crew assaults from the front. She says she wishes to eliminate the mysterious 7th member of the party with a cloak on, concealing his weapons. So Sinon snipes one dude clean off the map but she fails in killing the cloaked player and it turns out that the dude was concealing a minigun on his back. Some members of Sinon’s squad gets wiped out and she joins the front lines. She prioritizes everyone into killing the minigun user and asks for them to buy her some time to line up a shot.

SAO II- Boom

That maneuver leaves only Sion and Heavy standing and the former climbs a tall building to get a better vantage point. Heavy however realized this and begins shooting. Sinon loses a leg but is able to deliver a headshot. She awakens in the real world, vowing to get stronger.

So you can already tell my thoughts for Episode 1. For the people who are actually delusional enough to think that Kirito and Asuna are a “developed couple” Episode 1 would be a fanfiction come to life. Nothing happens except explaining the circumstances in which Kirito is pulled into the story. Episode 2 is an improvement but I fail to see any point in this fight other than to take the knowledge that Sinon takes this game really seriously. I won’t completely judge her just yet since Kirito did mentions high-ranked players make a lot of cash through playing so maybe she looks at it like a job. I hope she doesn’t completely kill my expectations since this episode while high-paced wasn’t really that great to watch.

Also, the name Death Gun. Just. Death.Gun. Wow

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