Space Dandy 2 Episode 1- Dandy Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Now that’s how you start a season off.

Well it’s back folks, everybody’s local, galactic screw-up and co. in another adventure through the stars. Season 2 starts off with an immediate bang instead of S1’s rather weak start. I sort of fear that this is the best of what we’ll get but I hope I am wrong. I’m essentially a week behind so let’s not waste anytime, this episode was just way too good to bundle with Episode 2.

Also, the ending should make a lot of sense for those who haven’t picked up on the message of multiple dimensions.

Another day at the registration center has Scarlet berating Dandy and co. for bringing in a regular cow. Scarlet gets somewhat fed up with their continued streak of weak findings and decides to calmly tell them that they may not be fit for the job of alien hunting. The three wallow in the ship and begin reminiscing about how their lives would be different without the others holding themselves back.

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A lone hair strand on his GREAT pompadour causes Dandy to yank it and reveal that it’s a pretty long strand of hair. Suddenly, everyone in the room is transported within the pompadour. Dandy and crew arrive in a strange world where they essentially meet superior versions of themselves. Dandy 2.0 is a decent guy and seems to be intelligent while Meow is macho and QT is updated and new. Dandy is then pulled back into the hairstrand wormhole and then is introduced to yet another version of Dandy and crew, this time being Space Trucker Dandy. Unlike the Cool Dandy who attempted to catch them and bring them to the registration center, this one finds the extra company nice and refreshing.

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Another mishap and Dandy arrives at another bizarre universe where his crew are basically Michael Jackson fused with Goku fighting evil and finding people with Star-shaped birthmarks. Trying to avoid more weird encounters, the crew try to go back home and after encountering more versions of themselves, the arrive at a familiar looking lounge room and are relieved to have returned. Homecoming is cut short when robots threaten their lives but another Dandy shows up to calm his robot companions down. They’re however forced to retreat when this universe’s of Dr. Gel and Bea start bombarding them.

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They return to their original dimension only to find the other Dandy’s, QT’s, and Meow’s to be all placed in the same ship. While this party is taken lightly and in stride for the first few days, it begins to become clear that things would be better if they all returned to their dimension. However, compulsive pulling on the strings that happen to bypass dimensional realities seem to be a problem as more Dandy’s and co. are showing up each time they are pulled.

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The line is finally drawn with Boobie’s waitresses becoming males and the arrival of the dubbed “Emo” Dandy. A man so depressed that he wishes that he was dead. While the others are skeptical, his reasons for believing that he would be better off dead soon show themselves. Meow is now a menacing cyborg that constantly mews while QT is a human midget wearing a tight suit that is convinced it is a robot. The crew, all of them, decide to pull all the strings they can to reset this.

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Join us next episode as we follow through the adventures of Emo Dandy!

So with the ending and constantly revived crew that we got used to in Season 1, I honestly didn’t think they would just use the multiple realities this early on in the second season. There’s not a whole lot I have to complain about Episode 1 of Season 2 here, it’s essentially the best Dandy episode you could ask for. I’m kinda scared that we reached the peak here, it was seriously that funny and entertaining. If anything, this would have been the perfect conclusion to the series at the 26th episode mark where the would finally confirm multiple realities and have one big party and then end it with the Emo Dandy style. I hope I’m wrong though, I hope Dandy has more fun stuff for us in the future.

2 thoughts on “Space Dandy 2 Episode 1- Dandy Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”

    1. I can’t give too much hope into Dandy. I’ve been proven wrong before and Dandy has a knack for doing things I don’t expect. Who knows, maybe they’ll really pull through in the end.

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