Music of the Week #145

The transition week is upon us

Samurai Champloo L@mBerT

So far it’s Space Dandy and SAO II that are out that I have watched. One because it’s just fun with great music while the other is it to confirm Light’s judgement of the light novels, although he has recently reread GGO and said it was pretty weak. I apologize for not posting those two post as they came out on Saturday. I got myself a new labtop and had to move around 40 gigs worth of stuff here. Downloading some games took some time as well. My highlight of the week was that I was able to run GA II with the PCSX 2. Feels so good man.

Anyways, I’m free of work for the rest of the week so I should be able to get the important stuff up so see you then.

Here’s this week’s music folks, I’m off to download more stuff and write.


7 thoughts on “Music of the Week #145”

  1. Nice it sure brings back memories. I need to watch Samurai Champloo again.

    You are still blogging I see. That is good to know. 🙂

    1. Oh shit if it isn’t Rei. I checked up the site and it wasn’t going anywhere a few months back and now it exploded with new stuff. Good to have you back.

      Writing here has become rather a nice routine for me. My mind is geared to it and I expect myself to get posts done every week. If you need an extra writer for whatever reason, I can help if your old members are coming back. Can’t promise anything but a change of pace would be nice if it isn’t a problem with you.

      1. It was suppose to up and running a few months back but things got messy while setting up the layout of the blog and everything. There was too much options to tinker and I can’t make up my mind lol.

        You want to write on my blog? I don’t really mind but do you have the time to do it? I doubt my regular writers knows about the site being back up and running again. They are just gone. Hopefully they’ll comeback though in the future.

      2. Time might be the deciding factor since Summer is halfway over.

        Now that I think about, I don’t even know what I should write about since the bulk of my stuff is episodic stuff which I’m already doing. I am planning to write about a few obscure games though.

      3. Well suit yourself then. I don’t really mind at all. Do let me know how I could contact your on email or skype so I could set up an account for you.

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