Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 14- Spooky skull thing in the sky, totally not suspicious

Love how Jotaro, the guy who usually is the one who identify the Stand user before anyone else, brings to attention some skull forming in the sky but no one does anything. You think with all the shit they went through that they would take that as a sign of warning. Oh well, it’s Jojo, and it’s Part 3 so I can forgive it.

We’re actually nearing another funny fight after the Justice fight and after a few more, we’ll be at Egypt. Also before we start, allow me to give my thoughts on the first episode of the dub since I was unable to get to Episode 2-3

  1. Jotaro is supposed to sound like a teenager who legitimately wants to be left alone and if anything has the indifferent tone. In the english dub, he sounds a bit more angsty since his pitch got moved up a bit.
  2. Avdol legitimately sounds African in my ears so that’s a good thing. English dubbed animes sometime attempt to imitate the accents depending on the character’s backgrounds and Avdol’s isn’t that bad. However, Avdol’s gratuitous english isn’t as charming when he’s speaking English.
  3. Joseph’s voice actor got the aged thing pretty good but he sounds a bit younger than he has to. That’s nitpicky but in my opinion it’s pretty decent.
  4. Holly is just Holly, whether she does a good job or not, she won’t be showing up for a while. That being said, Dub VA’s have a hard time voicing little girls so 40+ year old woman probably wasn’t the hardest thing to do.

DIO didn’t get enough lines for me judge and Kakyoin won’t be judged just yet. From what I hear, the ORA ORA is weak, but that’s not surprising. I will await to see how Emerald Splash and DIO will sound like (not that anyone can beat Koyasu but I honestly respect Partrick Seitz)

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Our crew decide to send away the Runaway Girl for real this time and stick on her on a plane back to Hong Kong. With her out of the way, the Crusaders continue their journey through the Indo-Paki border. The particular cliffs the crew happen to be driving through begins to get foggy and Joseph decides that continuing would be dangerous and he advises that they find a place to stop. They find a village in below and begin their descent. Before they formally enter the village proper, Jotaro notes a dead dog impaled on a pike but decides not to bother anyone.

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In town, our crew notices how comparatively quiet the townsfolk are and Joseph attempts to ask a person to direct them to an inn. Whether it was Joseph’s horrible pronounciation or the fact that the town really has no inn, the person in question refuses to answer properly, turns his back and leaves. Joseph however notices a bunch of roaches crawling up the man’s back. Kakyoin decides to approach another person to ask for directions but instead he discovers a dead body. Our crew investigates the dead man and find a pistol with signs that it was recently fired. The face of the man is distorted from fear yet he has no wounds or blood coming from him. Kakyoin tries to gain the attention of another person in the area to call the police but the woman he inquires doesn’t seem too shocked about a dead body or the obscene amount of acne on her face.

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Our crew decides to look into the man’s death themselves and they find a rather noticable hole in his chest. They wonder why no blood is present and when they take the man’s shirt off, they find his entire body covered in the holes. Joseph gets the right idea and tries to bolt but he mistakes their car with some fence spikes. The crew is approached by Enya, acting as the seemingly normal resident of the town and she offers them a place at her bed and breakfast.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- Pomf

Enya leads the crew to her building but slips up by calling Joseph as Mr. Joestar when no one has called him that with her around. Jotaro questions this but Enya responds back saying that she heard Polnareff speak the name. Either way, the crew signs in and they get comfy. Polnareff then quests to find a toliet.

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Back downstairs, Enya is happened upon by Hol Horse. The latter is surprised that she herself would come out to fight against the Joestar crew. Enya cries and exclaims that she is happy to see the only friend her son had. Hol Horse plays it out saying that he cherished his friendship with J.Geil. Hol Horse gets closer to ease the crying elder but then she stabs him with a pair of scissors. Hol Horse breaks free after listening to Enya’s rage about how he abanonded her son and she unleashes her Stand, Justice. The small wound in Hol Horse’s arm forms a circle and Enya begins to control him like a puppet. Hol Horse attempts to break free and calls out The Emperor but his right hand was the one being controlled and he ends up shooting himself. Polnareff begins his climb down the stairs and Enya prepares to put up her ruse once more.

In the slight chance people have watched the OVA from way back then and still have somehow refused to read the series, no that person does not come in the next fight. Anyways, it’s a set-up episode so the real action comes later. I forgot how cool Justice is but then I remember how it got beat so you guys will find that out next week.

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