Black Bullet Episode 12- They’ve gone to Plaid

So here I thought Black Bullet would end but apparently not. We got one more week so the series review comes next time.

Although the episode was obviously rushed, I guess we needed these few minutes we had to hastily iron a few things out before the final, catastrophic slam. It’s like the scene right after Kagetane was defeated back in Episode 3 or 4, shit goes full throttle and pummels us with more information and exposition.

I’ll be glad it’s over.

Bad writing ahead, you can tell that I really didn’t want to talk about this episode in particular.

Black Bullet- Kohina

Rentaro is able to find the Pleiades extremely quickly thanks to the help of the Hiruko father-daughter duo and Kagetane helps Rentaro eliminate the apparently wounded Pleiades. The beast dies pretty fast but the other Gastrea then go into a frenzy. Rentaro’s wounds act up but he’s then saved by Kohina and the trio witness the Aldebaran move again. Rentaro calls Seitenshi and reports that the Pleiades is killed and requests assistannce from the air. His call is immediately answered by some jets bombing the area but the Aldebaran is able to regenerate its head and the smaller Gastrea swarm the jets.

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Rentaro returns to camp and is greeted by his crew but is also told of the leader’s death. Rentaro also eases tensions within the surviving groups when they act hostile toward Kagetane and Kohina. While Gado is dead, his Initiator is still alive and Rentaro learns of Shoma’s Initiator Midori being corrupted by Gastrea blood as well. Rentaro tends to her last moments and then later leaves her when she goes to the bathroom. A trip to the lavatory turned out to be suicide when Rentaro and crew try to find her and Rentaro encounters Shoma with Midori’s corpse holding a gun.Shoma sheds light on his “exile”.

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Rentaro takes the mantle as leader as his rank far exceeds the others. The crowd is angry but Rentaro is able to restore order in the crowd after stabbing a Promoter in the shoulder. Shoma decides to partner up with Gado’s Initiator afterwards.

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Rentaro hires Miori to aid them in the last fight against the Aldebaran much to Kisara’s chagrin. She unveils a powerful bomb that can kill the Aldeberan from the inside out. The catch being that the bomb must detonate from beneath the behemoth’s shell. The nearest location for the last stand to take place is the war monument in the outskirts of town. Enju has some bad memories with the place but Rentaro reassures her.

Yeah no, I’m glad this is coming to an end.

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