Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 12- CHUMIMIIIIIIN

Was in California this weekend, sorry for the delay.

Not as exciting or emotional as the fight beforehand but Joseph still shows that he still has the mindset. I mean, for a guy who delayed death being dealt from an immortal being could probably deal with something like the Empress on his arm. Unfortunately, his Stand is still not suited for hard-combat so we won’t see too much Joseph exclusive episodes for a while.

That being said, next week’s fight isn’t so amazing either. However, it still has a very memorable line so I guess I’ll look foward to that. Also, good news for me and other Jojo fans as David Productions has announced today that Part 3 will be airing all year long as 4 cours and will cover every fight. It’s official so nothing for me to fear anymore.

Let’s get on with this though, we’ll talk about the good stuff when we get to it.

Somewhere in the Earth, Enya Geil begins to have wounds appear all over her body. She immediately realizes that her son J.Geil has failed in his attempt to kill the Joestar crew and laments her loss.

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Jojo and crew travel to Varanasi by bus and Polnareff continues his attempts at wooing Nena, the girl they ended up with an episode ago. Joseph is troubled with the strange growth on his arm and fails to notice the growth bite the head off a stray fly on the bus. They stop at a nearby station and Joseph decides to visit a clinic to get his arm examined.

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The doctor suggests cutting the growth off and while Joseph isn’t completely saavy with the idea, decides to go through with it. The doctor approaches the growth with a scalpel and Joseph opens his eyes to see the doctor dead on the floor. The growth then begins to speak and reveals itself as the Stand, Empress. Joseph attempts to cut the Stand by himself but the Stand disarms the scalpel and cuts a finger off of Joseph’s artificial hand.

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The Empress begins taunting Joseph’s lack of combat ability through his Stand and the latter runs for the exit to find Jojo and crew. The nurse however walks in and notices the dead body. Joseph doesn’t get too far in his “I’m not the killer” spiel as the Empress yells his name and his ethnicity and the information needed to arrest him. Joseph bolts to the streets and finds that his hotel entrance is now surrounded by police officers. Out of anger, he tries to crush the Empress to a wall but the Stand grows a pair of arms and stops him. The Stand then yells through the alleyway and a police officer arrives. Joseph attempts to use his ripple but resorts to strangling the Empress with his Hermit Purple. A bullet helps the Empress let go of the metal bars and Joseph covers his arm with a cloth and runs to the busy streets.


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Polnareff is distracted by Nena to notice Joseph running towards them and they are quickly seperated again. Joseph hears chomping noises from beneath the cloak and an assortment of food items fall from the cloth. He removes the cloth and is immediately punched in the face by the grown Empress. Joseph struggles to stop the grown Empress from stabbing his neck and is able to suppress the enemy Stand after a few punchs. Joseph begins to run and Nena once again distracts Polnareff from noticing Joseph in the crowd.

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Joseph navigates through a labyrinth of streets and he reveals to the Empress that he was running away to reach a certain location. Joseph dunks his right arm into a oil drum can but the Empress is unable to be suffocated and lightly pierces a rusty nail through Joseph’s neck. Joseph tries to stop it but his artificial hand begins to wear down. However, the oil drum can’s contents turn out to be coal tar and solidifies the enemy Stand. Joseph pulls his famous “Your next line” trick and then crushes the Empress with his Hermit Purple.

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Polnareff begins the final stage of trying to woo Nena and before he delivers a kiss, Nena’s true body is revealed as a fat woman. Joseph finds the shocked Polnareff after the revelation. That night, Joseph clears the misunderstanding with the police and the crew embark on their long journey to Egypt. However, a car begins to tail their vehicle.

Joseph is still awesome but his artificial hands really get a beating on this journey. He’s still pulling out the smart stuff and understands his limitations which is still characteristically right for him. Generally good episode but wasn’t the most exciting fight in the adventure. Things do pick up around after the next fight so get hype for that.

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