Black Bullet Episode 10&11- Revengeance

I was able to pick up a copy of MGRR last Friday and I finished it on Saturday afternoon. Other than being enslaved to the musical onslaught of Maniac Agenda for the past few days, the events in the game more or less, unknowingly, prepared me for this episode. Kidnapping around a hundred kids, harvesting and selling their organs while putting their brains through virtual reality slaughtering contests is, in my mind, a bit more gruesome than a handful of kids getting killed by a bomb.

That may not ring with too many of you but a game about chopping people into little pieces really “steeled” me up for some atrocities. Thanks Senator Armstrong.

Anyways, I hope you didn’t get too attached to the loli’s in Rentaro and Kisara’s school.

Oh, and who guess who’s back.

While last episode put me in the mood for  some fighting action, this episode decides to shake up some emotions before actually getting to the fighting part. Rentaro invests more of his time and effort into teaching the Cursed Children more of the world and he in turn has his efforts pay off in form of massive appreciation. Kisara also informs us of the monoliths and their construction before more tender moments with Rentaro (hand holding is as far as they go).

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As the fighting in the backgrounds increase, Rentaro heads into the city again to find the little blind girl he met a few days prior. She apologizes for staying even though she promised to leave the area for her safety. Rentaro wards off a violent crowd and she decides to heed his words and leave the cityscape before things get ugly. Rentaro meets up with everybody back at camp and is prompted to go visit his students one last time before things may permanently fall to shit.

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Rentaro’s worst fears come to light when he finds a yellow tape and guards over where his class used to take place. He see’s a crater and is directed to a building with a large number of sheets covering the dead victims of the blast. Rentaro lifts one of the sheets and confirms that they every one of them are his students. Rentaro stops out crestfallen and Enju barges in and he tries to stop her from entering the room. Enju breaks free and witnesses the bodies of her dead friends and falls blank after a deafening scream.

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Rentaro reconsiders his priorities as he thinks about who exactly he is risking his life for. Kisara calls him to make sure he’s not strayed off the path of “justice”. Whoever Rentaro and co. are fighting for can be dealt with later as Rentaro watches the monolith break off in the distance. The next episode picks up relatively soon to the previous as Rentaro and co. are finally called out to help assist in the fight. While they are stationed to fight off a wave of Gastrea, Rentaro notices the flying variants dropping off its non-flying brethren in the forest behind them. Rentaro’s team runs back to finish them off, leaving the rest of the other teams to fight with one squad missing.

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Rentaro and co. are successful in killing everything in the woods and come back to find the rest of their entire platoon decimated. The lone survivor mentions “Spear of light” and immediately a purple light streaks across the area and wipes out a few unlucky individuals. They see the large Gastrea strain that is leading the rest and they see it retreat for whatever reason. The crew retreats and tend to the wounded. At dinner, Tina confirms that a large creature was sighted that shot out concentrated mercury, the one responsible for the “spears of light”.

Black Bullet- Mitsuhide

Rentaro is called out from dinner to report to the head honcho of the entire operation. While information goes around that a Gastrea specimen known as the Pleiades is the one known to shoot mercury. A more pressing matter for the boss of the operation is rather that of Rentaro’s crew deserting their squadron. Rentaro obviously objects, saying that they needed to stop themselves from getting flanked by is punished by having his team disbanded. The bail however is for Rentaro to eliminate the Pleiades alone.

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Rentaro leaves in the middle of the night and is stopped by Kisara, only for him to promise that he’ll return. Completely refuting previous promise, Rentaro is chased by a walk of…wolves? They’re definitely not normal but I assume they’re somewhat related to Gastrea since the pack leader has two heads. Rentaro thinks he’s done for but the wolves chase after a new target in the darkness, only to get immediately chopped up. Rentaro reunites with Kagetane and Kohina completely out of blue.

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The two parties don’t result to killing each other as Kagetane supplies Rentaro some first aid equipment to treat himself. The father and daughter duo apparently tell him that they have encountered a Pleiades a day ago and point its general location to him. Before they all go to bed, Kagetane predicts that Rentaro will end up like him one day. The next day, Rentaro is begrudgingly tailed by the duo, who respond by saying that he just happens to be going the same direction they are.

First kids dying and now everybody is becoming deaf and mute. While fighting definitely went on in this episode, there wasn’t too much of it even though there obviously was a large amount of things to shoot up. Just for the people who didn’t read the manga, the loli’s weren’t killed by a bomb. They were instead beaten and hung by a crowd of people Rentaro had protected before. I guess lynchings are a bit too much here. Anyways, Kagetane shows up again with his daughter again and they aren’t completely hostile this time. I just knew he would be back. One hit KO’s are reserved for insane power-up attacks that usually kill the enemy or a gimmick. Final episode next week (or so I think) and I doubt they can answer all our questions since the novel is still going on.

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