Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 10- The Gun is mightier than the Sword

At this rate, I REALLY think we’re not going to have just 24-26 episodes. My long awaited fight finally arrives on the bigscreen/monitor as the Crusaders reach India and have a fight that will take them a while to recover from. This is the first of the two-parter Stand fight scheme that will show up every now and then so let’s not waste anytime here folks.

Tears of both sadness and laughter will be brought down upon your faces, prepare yourselves for a two-part ride through India.

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Our crew finally reaches India after the double but seperated Stand attack at Singapore and Avdol happily welcomes the rest of his friends to India, a country where he seems to have a lot of familiarity with. The crew escape the chaos of the busy streets of Calcutta and finally are able to rest at a nice restaurant. After a rather eventful experience with a pig in the toliet, Polnareff washes his hands only to find a mummy like man crawl up the window. Polnareff thinks nothing of it after he looks back and sees nothing there. It’s not until he sees the reflection of the mirror again to see that the mummy is actually a Stand and it opens a window to begin it’s attack. Polnareff is confused at what’s going on since he can’t see the Stand regularly and realizes that this is the Stand of his sister’s killer. As he realizes, the Stand reveals its wrist-mounted blades but Polnareff summons SC to break the mirror.

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Polnareff exits the restaurant and rage and tries to identify the Stand user out in the streets but to no avail. The crew joins him outside and he states his wish to continue alone. All he ever wanted out of this journey was to find his sister’s killer and now he finally encounters him. Avdol however notes that the reason the Stand user attacked was to drive Polnareff to anger to seperate him from the group. Polnareff however angrily insists that he goes alone and angers Avdol, calling his victory back in Hong Kong as luck and noting his actions of running away from DIO as cowardly. Joseph stops Avdol from getting any angrier and lets Polnareff go, knowing that nothing will back him out of his decision.

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Elsewhere in the Indian sunset, a young girl accompanies a fairly aged man on the back of an elephant. He tells her to get off as he has a friend to meet and concludes that he must leave her. The girl protests but she’s silenced by the man’s charming words and he can never stay in one place forever. The man meets up with another, only this one has two right hands. We’re introduced to the duo of Stand users known as Hol Horse and J.Geil. The latter laughs at Hol Horse’s conquest at charming yet another girl into doing as he wishes but their conversation is cut short when a venomous snake lunges after J.Geil. Hol Horse reveals his Stand, the Emperor, a materializing gun and shoots the snake. The snake’s body is torn apart but the head remains intact and still has momentum going for it. J.Geil however has bottles placed around his location and his Stand, the Hanged Man slices what’s left of the snake and the duo walk to hunt down Polnareff.

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Dinner that night is quiet as Polnareff has not returned and the crew remains silent over his absence. Polnareff broods over his chaotic emotions and waits for day to start investigating in the raining streets if anyone has seen a man with two right hands. He finally recieves information from an old man who points down the street and Polnareff sees Hol Horse and J.Geil with the mysterious cloak over him. J.Geil however disappears and Polnareff confronts Hol Horse who knows of Polnareff’s Stand and applies that general law of fighting and concludes that his Emperor, is superior to Polnareff’s Chariot.

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Hol Horse calls out the Emperor and shoots a single bullet towards Polnareff who quickly calls out SC and removes the armor to fight Hol Horse at top speed. Polnareff’s arrogance however costs him as the bullet he thought he could flick away changes trajectory right before it hits the blade. Polnareff is absolutely shocked and it only takes Avdol’s tackle to save him. Avdol of course begins to lecture Polnareff and he gets angrier at knowing that he would have almost died if not for Avdol. The enemy know of the crew’s Stands and Avdol joins the fight and calls out MR to deflect the still-flying bullet. Kakyoin reaches the scene but sees the Hanged Man creep up along the reflection of the recently made puddle behind Avdol.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- The bad news keeps coming

Avdol is both stabbed from the back and shot through the head and falls to the ground. Kakyoin tries to wake him up but there is no response. Polnareff turns his back to Avdol’s body and insults him for getting in the way. Kakyoin is understandably pissed at what Polnareff just said but the latter turns around with his face covered in tears.

The fight’s just started folks, wipe off your tears and prepare for a high paced, double revenge next week. The Hanged Man is one of my favorite Stands ever, too bad the user is a dick. Pretty funny stuff at the beginning too, stuff like that’s what makes Part 3 the most “adventurous” of all of the parts of Jojo. Hol Horse’s voice actress is pretty good but sounds a bit older than the one from ASB (in character of course). I still prefer the ASB voices so that’s my only qualm, I guess the playful voice presented in ASB better matched Hol Horse. Anyways, the fight shall continue.

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