Black Bullet Episode 8&9- Nobody important died. That’s a good thing right?

You thought things would cool down? Think again, this Black Bullet. Where the bullets are obviously black, the loli’s are strong as shit, and the edge is sharper than the WWE star.

I hear the series only gets worse in terms of how Rentaro ends up in his circumstances. Plus I’m hearing a lot of stuff about Tina too. I won’t spoil anything because people seem to really love Tina here. I’ll just say that I’m glad I like Kisara more than anyone else in this series.

Anyway let’s stop trying to foreshadow bad things. This is going to be short as I’m not good at describing a little girl who pours out her heart in one episode. Much less two episodes of only slow pacing, which is good in some cases.

Knowing how this series works, it would be good to not get too attached to any characters.

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So we get a cute little scene with Rentaro and Kisara trying to be teachers to the little Cursed Children in the outskirts of town when Seitenshi just drives up and says that some big event is going to ruin everything. An enormous cluster of Gastrea are headed toward the city and she enlists Rentaro to create an Adjuvant. What the hell’s an ajuvant? Well it’s basically a pretty word for Strike team. (when in reality, it’s basically an immunology term) Rentaro is made squad leader to assemble a team (and fight for the lost) to counter the threat.

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After spending the night and bonding with Tina a little, Rentaro decides to take her on his citywide quest to recruit some willing pairs to fight with him in the upcoming disaster. More bonding with Tina, and more of Rentaro’s disposition of helping every Cursed Child he sees. He hands over a wad of bills to a child who poured lead into her eyes since her mother feared her red ones. Pretty good guy despite how he acts.

Black Bullet- Katagiri

We meet a new pair of Promoter/Initator, the Katagiri’s. The blonde duo apparently were involved in the whole Hiruko mess which was apparently 3 months ago. For whatever reason, Rentaro is labeled as a pervert by the Initator, Yuzuki. Tamaki, the Promoter pinpoints on why Rentaro would visit them and is unimpressed on why he should help at all. The main reason being he considers Rentaro weak, thus the two pairs decide to have a little brawl to prove who is superior.

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Rentaro of course beats Tamaki while Tina also effortlessly beats Yuzuki and the two are enlisted for the strike team. Episode 9 picks up with more Tina goodness before we move on to the whole Adjuvant thing where we meet up with the enlisted crew. Many groups of Initiators and Promoters have gathered around and have set up a large camp for themselves to prepare for the upcoming fight. Rentaro’s crew however needs 1 more pair of hands to be an official group though. Whilst hunting for potential recruits, a group finds a pair killed by the train tracks. He dead man in question was wearing heavy armor and it seems like a blade cut it open like butter.

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Another fight goes on in the camp and it turns out to be Rentaro’s old mentor, Nagisawa Shoma. Apparently he ran away from Rentaro and Kisara’s old dojo without ever saying why. He’s joined by his Initiator, Fuse Midori who is a straight up catgirl. With three pairs united, Rentaro only wishes that he would have 2 extra pairs to cover them. Kisara then shows up out nowhere to finally do something in the series. Kisara had some personal favors done through Seitenshi and got Tina reinstated, only that their new pair is ranked 9200.

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Not much for me to say is there? We got new characters introduced but I doubt everyone will make it out alive in the upcoming fight. I’m actually glad I was lazy and didn’t post the stuff ontime since nothing significant happened in both episodes other than setting up for the massacre ahead.

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