Date A Live II Episode 8- Lab Shutdown

Things finally begin to heat up. That’s a really good thing. I realize that I really like Kurumi’s character compared to everyone else. She stays out of the harem yet is the most aggressive in teasing the hell out of Shido. I guess I like her mostly because she refuses to join the harem to seek out her own goal and purpose, something that characters like these usually lack. I gotta say that the shadows would make for some lewd se-.

The end is nigh but I will enjoy the height of the series (so far in the anime) for what it is.

Shit’s exploding everywhere and so many Kurumi’s die. Poor little clones.

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Knowing that there’s going to be a fight in her hands, Kurumi works on subduing the mindless pawns of Miku as she escorts Shido to the main stage. Miku refers back to a past event that we currently do not know of and confronts Shido. Shido doesn’t get too many oppertunities to talk since Miku gets pissed at the mere sight of him and calls upon Gabriel and sends forth the masses. Kurumi is able to subdue everyone that moves but now have to face Yoshino and the Yamai twins with their angels out as well. Kurumi then activates her Angel and gets a clone of hers holding Shido to Miku’s location on stage. The clones hold off the 3 Spirits while Kurumi advises Shido to work something out with Miku. She then drags both down to the shadows.

Date A Live II- Ellen

Elsewhere, we’re introduced (or reintroduced) to Isaac Westcott, the head of DEM and Ellen’s boss. He’s rather clear on what he wants to achieve: Spirit powers to screw around with the world. He wants to see what her powers can get if she can feel true despair and starts listing various torture methods. The clear course for him seems to kill Shido in front of Tohka and he leaves the room. Tohka starts to get loud but Ellen shuts her down and she walks out as well.

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Shido gets right to the point in making clear that his intentions are for saving Tohka. Miku rejects his pleas every step of the way, not believing that a human can have any sort of compassion toward another. Shido asks what the hell is Miku’s deal but Kurumi intercedes and brings both of them out.

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Apparently returning to the real world drains the people who were just in Kurumi’s….wherever and Miku is unable to give orders. Shido is unable to move but Kurumi brings him to safety and both sides withdraw. After teasing Shido some more, Kurumi has determined that Tohka is in the 1st DEM headquarters building in Japan. Amongst a complex of tall buildings all related to DEM, a larger tower stands in the middle. Kurumi and Shido’s plan is to reach the building and have Kurumi’s clones cause a distraction to disperse security. But as soon as the plan is about to begin, a spacequake alarm goes off and a assload of Bandersnatches and Wizards are deployed. Kurumi lets loose her clones and decides to change the plan to her just acting as a distraction while Shido continues on alone.

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Mana barges in on their conversation and assists Shido on his way to Tohka. Kotori and the Fraxinus crew seem to be back in their senses and the former apologizes for everything she said. She’s vocal on the situation as she wants Shido to think for his own safety for a minute but she gets talked down in following the current plan. Mana then gets sidetracked into a fight with Jessica piloting a different version of what Origami used a episode before and Shido must go at the building alone. Then he gets cornered by some guards and at the point of helplessness allows him to summon Sandalphon. Shido cuts his way past the guards but gets sucker-punch stabbed by one of the survivors. Shido cuts him down and continues his slow ascent to reach Tohka.

Date A Live II- Swordbeam

I at least figured that this is how the untranslated parts would play out. I know only a little on what happens next so I’m eager to see what awaits us. 2 episodes left and the show is over, it saddens me but oh well, things must come to an end. It’s stuff like this why I’m still pissed about Episode 1 being a needless filler. Whatever, I don’t consider it a real episode anyway, just bring on the next one. Hopefully they don’t cut Shido’s time to shine too much.

3 thoughts on “Date A Live II Episode 8- Lab Shutdown”

    1. Even I can’t deny Kurumi being awesome. She’s pretty much a “favorite” since she still has yet to be fully explored with. Not too many other spirits gets the developmental characteristic of being the rebellious, mysterious one.

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