Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 9- RERORERORERORERORERORERO

Cherry rolling intensifies. So for those of you who didn’t read the manga, we finally found out who the real traitor is.

They’re really not trying to skip fights but I need to stress the fact that the later fights are some of the best that Part 3 offers. Sure some of the early fights are good but some of the upcoming stuff (namely two) shouldn’t be worth an episode. But if I’m speaking of the future, next week’s episode will feature not one, but TWO enemy stands. Damn, I really need to stop talking about next episode in the beginning.

Let’s go, let’s see what Kakyoin is up to.

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We pick immediately from the Devo episode where we join Jotaro, Kakyoin, and RG (Runaway Girl) in the city streets. The trio step up to buy some refreshments when a goon runs in and takes Kakyoin’s wallet. Hierophant Green is called out and the thug is tripped over and Kakyoin looks menacingly at him. Being pissed at a dude who tried to take your wallet is understandable, and I’d even say kneeing him would be acceptable but pulling a wrestling move and making cough blood seems a bit over the line. Jotaro stops him and Kakyoin states that he’s just pent up over the exhausting trip. Jotaro leaves and says that he’s joining the squad to reserve tickets to leave for India by train. RG follows him but catches Kakyoin just chomping down on some beetles.

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More dickish moves from Kakyoin stealing cherries ontop ice creams and pushing Jotaro off railings add to major suspicion. The cherry rolling draws the line. The cable car arrives and then Jotaro punches Kakyoin square in the face. Kakyoin’s mouth splits and of course, it’s revealed that Kakyoin isn’t Kakyoin at all.

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We’re introduced to Rubber Soul, wielder of the Stand Yellow Temperance. It seems to be classified similar to Forever’s Stand Strength as it can be seen and interacted with by just humans. YT consumes materials slowly and adds more to itself and Jotaro’s punch from earlier ends up with Jotaro getting some on his hand. RG or apparently Anne, calls Joseph and says that Kakyoin is attacking Jotaro. The REAL Kakyoin returns to the room and says he was sunbathing the entire time. Jotaro gets thrown out of the suspended tram (cause I completely forgot what they’re called right now). Rubber Soul takes this gap as a chance to explain his “invinciblity” as YT can take any shape/form and is extremely resilient. It’s copying ability was so thorough that it took form of Hierophant Green minutes earlier.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- Yellow Temperance

Jotaro decides to experiment on the sample on his hand and tries to burn it. The piece of YT grows bigger and then he intrudes on another cable car (nailed it) and takes a kid’s popsicle to see if freezing it reduces its effects. Spoilers, it doesn’t and then Rubber Souls pops up again when he was disguised as a lady on the same car. YT restrains Jotaro once more and Jotaro decides to invoke the everso useful Joestar Secret Technique: Running away. Star Platinum opens a hole beneath the car and YT/Rubber Soul follows him down the water. Rubber Soul lowers his guard to let himself get some air from the water and Jotaro takes this chance to beat the hell out of the user.

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A few punches from Jotaro himself makes Rubber Soul spill some secrets on the Stand users coming to fight the Crusaders: The Emperor, The Empress, The Hanged Man, and Death. He also mentions the Old Witch that is with Dio whose son, J. Geil, uses the Hanged Man (I’m not straying from the original names here folks, while the names were picked with respect to the original, I still read this in its original style). He confirms that it was him that killed Polnareff’s sister and the secret to his stand apparently involves mirrors.

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All the while this talking is going on, the two are drifting back to shore. Rubber Soul then activates Yellow Temperance again by utilizing the manhole and sewer line that directly connects to Jotaro’s position. Jotaro uses the same pipe and manhole and forces a stream of water through SP’s punch. The manhole cover near Rubber Soul throws him in the air and hits him on the way up. Jotaro then ORA ORA’S Rubber Soul who once again shamelessly asks for forgiveness. The crew finally get together again on the train to India and discuss that RG/Anne was probably lying the entire time about her dad. Kakyoin asks Jotaro for the cherry and then pulls the same RERORERORERO.

Time for the first two-part episode starting next week. Bring on India and the double Stand battle.

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