Date A Live II Episode 7- Guess what Time it is

I think I might pick up Hitsugi no Chaika. Before I knew it, there happen to be more little girls named Chaika’s. Different colors, different personalities, and apparently different chest sizes. It’s like a doll collection. Ahem. Anyway, the fan-favorite girl returns and we plow through the ending scenes and beginning scenes of Volume 6 and 7 respectively. Get onboard folks, the “high point” of the series is getting started.

Well that is of course you aren’t keeping up with the novels since Volume 10 turned stuff real serious again. On a much more serious note too, I won’t spoil it but I’m pretty sure you would be if you saw the cover for Volume 10.

Anyways, guess who’s back.

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Picking up from last episode, Origami continues to destroy the Bandersnatch and DEM girls above the festival. Shiori, Tohka, and the Twins finish their performance and judging begins. Miku gets arrogant and expresses joy as she now has a few more girls to her harem. Then everything goes down the gutter when it turns out Shiori’s team won thanks to everything BUT the actual concert. The bet was to be won by whoever won the festival, not just the concert. Miku goes berserk and summons her Angel, Gabriel.

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So if hypnotizing people with just her voice wasn’t enough, Miku’s Gabriel is basically an enormous amplifier/loudspeaker. Miku orders some studenets to restrain Shiori and Miku gets to feeling her up. Until of course she reaches the lower area and finds out that Shiori is in fact a guy. Now I can finally go back to calling Shido as Shido. Anyways, Miku is absolutely pissed and gets to ordering Yoshino and the Yamai’s to fight against Shido. Tohka was nice enough to keep earplugs on her but is still confused to what’s going on. While Tohka and Shido hide, the latter finds out that the Fraxinus crew including Kotori have been subdued as well. It seems that Reine, Shiizaki, and Kannazuki are fine but the latter is too busy being abused by hypnotized Kotori but the former two are unable to do anything. A familiar looking blue haired girl steps in and knocks Kotori out.

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Origami finally starts feeling the extreme mental burden of piloting that oversized suit and starts to weaken but then Mana walks in and starts to wreck everything. So while that’s going on, Ellen decides to step in herself to abduct Tohka. Tohka prioritizes Shido over herself and throws him out the window (in a good way) while she takes on Ellen. Said fight doesn’t last that long and Tohka is taken away. To add more despair, Miku unleashes her hypnotized army to hunt Shido down, sucks to be him.

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Shido fortunately is happened upon by Kurumi, currently the only spirit that can help him. She takes pity on Shido and with nothing else to do, decides to help him save Tohka. To undertake that endeavor though, they need to get rid of Miku. Kurumi apparently knows where she lives and decides to investigate. On the other side of town, Tohka wakes up tied to a chair and Ellen comes in to interrogate.

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Kurumi doesn’t find evidence regarding Miku’s problem but she finds Miku’s bra. Kurumi teases Shido over this and when teasing gets to an all-time high, Shido finds a CD case of Miku only with a different name. Kurumi picks up on this and activates her Angel Zafkiel to see into what memories the CD’s have of Miku. The two then brazenly walk back to the festival square to confront Miku.

This is getting interesting for me because Volume 7 is still untranslated. I’ve read beyond through 8 and 9 and parts of 10 I was able to piece together thanks to 4chan. While I can easily infer what happened in Volume 7, I still really want to see it. So here’s to us getting some good action going on when it starts getting real next episode. I just realized that Mana is called Adeptus 2 while Ellen is Adeptus 1. Mana couldn’t handle Kurumi so you kinda wonder about the pecking order for these things

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