Date A Live II Episode 5&6- It’s Genderbend Time

With Jojo out of the way, we got in order: DAL, Nisekoi, Black Bullet

So let’s not waste any time here folks.

DAL II has now covered the fanservice volume known as Volume 5 (Episodes 2-4) and now moves on to the Miku and DEM arc that goes from Volume 6-7. Since DAL II has 10 episodes in total, episodes 5-10 will be all about covering that. Not a lot of people like Miku or the events in Volume 6 all that well since 6 serves as a buffer to Volume 7 where the real action begins. That being said, when I got into the series I never really went in with expecting anything groundbreaking from a premise that involves dating girls to save the world. That being said, let’s get to it.

I won’t mention it anywhere else but the Fraxinus crew is really getting some love. Kannazuki and Shiizaki got some extra scenes and now its Nakatsugawa with the idol worship.

In all honest,y nobody cares about the AST and DEM just got introduced so there isn’t much point in talking about them either. To put it short, Origami’s superior is pissed off because DEM “Wizards” are being transferred into the unit and are given a bit more authority than her. To make it even more irritating for her, the new “AST member” Jessica Bailey taunts the AST for not being able to capture a Spirit even though their location gets the most spacequakes.

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So with the chaos from the Yamai twins dealt with, Shido continues his peaceful life with the pretty girls he had to woo to survive. Out of the blue however, he’s made the highschool representative of his school for the upcoming collaboration school festival along with 9 other schools. Whilst shopping for supplies, a spakequake alarm goes off and Shido is directed toward a large stage where he finds a girl singing.

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Kotori identifies the Spirit in question with her codename, Diva, and advises some warning as she has kept herself hidden for quite some time. Shido approaches but knocks over a can and the singing comes to a halt. Instead of being angry though, Diva is curious to see who came to see her. When Shido reveals himself however, her tone and expression changes dramatically. She lets out a heavy yell that knocks Shido to the edge of the stage and tells him to die. The only reason she hasn’t kicked him down to fall to his death is because it bothers her that she might get a bit of Shido if she kicks him.

The AST arrive on the scene with their newly transferred DEM friends and Diva engages them with more vibrant attitude. The AST girls are completely unable to cause Diva harm. She disappears as soon as the DEM girls dive in and Origami’s superior gets pretty pissed at how they really are ineffective against Spirits.

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The next day, Shido is sent to the Rindoji Academy for Girls to attend a meeting for school representatives and he’s followed by Origami and Tohka. We’re formally introduced to Izayoi Miku, the Spirit from the day before. The crew onboard the Fraxinus confirm that Diva is indeed Izayoi Miku who happens to be a rather famous idol. The X-Factor here however is that Miku has a dislike toward boys and prefers to mess around with girls. Kotori gives her regards as her brother is taken away.

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Shido is now forced to dress as a girl (complete with fake breasts, longer hair, and a voice modifier) and takes Shido’s place as floor manager (Shido will now be referred to as a female). She seeks out Miku nearby where the stalls are set and finds her alone on a stage. She approaches him and Shiori accidentally refers herself as masculine (with “Ore”) but Miku takes that as a peculiar style of speech and happily engages in conversation. Kotori and crew decide to get on the offensive and tells Shido to ask if he could buy Miku’s panties. She jokingly offers to trade hers and it looks that Miku has taken a liking to “Shiori”. The two leave the stage and Shiori trips on some debris and Miku gives Shiori her hankerchief.

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Shiori goes to Rindoji the next day to return the hankerchief. A legion of girls notice him and aggressively asks if she’s here for Miku. Miku shows up exactly on cue and tells the other girls off while she spends time with Shiori. An afternoon of conversation has Miku smitten with Shiori and the former wants Shiori to transfer into Rindoji. Shiori refuses and Miku uses her Spirit abilities to convince him otherwise. Shiori resists the command and Miku tries one more time before she begins to suspect that Shiori might be even more special. Miku asks if Shiori is a spirit or a Wizard trying to capture her. Shiori comes clean and says that she is a human that can seal away the powers of a Spirit and offers Miku to live her life freely from being hunted down. Miku refuses as she states that she loves her current lifestyle and Shiori tries to protest. The latter finally losing her cool when Miku says that she wouldn’t mind if a few of her girls died since they love her enough to die for her. Shiori gives the declaration of non-acceptance that is inverted from the similar sounding sermon he gave Tohka way back then. Miku then challenges Shiori to a game where upon Raizen’s victory at the stage competition at the festival, she will be sealed by her. If Miku wins, Shiori and all the girls that he sealed will be with Miku.

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Elsewhere, it seems like the DEM girls want to get some action in a public area, namely right above the festival square. Speaking of DEM girls, remember Mana? Shido’s real little sister from Season 1 who got hospitalized by Kurumi? She finally wakes up from that and is visited upon by some agents. Anyways, Shiori now has to strike up the band to have a shot at getting at Miku. We got the trio on bass, keyboard, and drums while Shiori gets lead guitar. Tohka is devastated that she cannot have the drums (she was hoping to play them after seeing them on T.V) but joyfully accepts the tambourine. Origami apparently can sing very well and is given the vocal role. Origami then later is informed by her captain that she more or less wants to screw over the DEM girls and leaves one of the hangar bay’s doors open, a hangar that houses some dangerous equipment.

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The festival goes underway and before the concert battle begins, Shiori is given the Head Maid title for the class maid cafe. We see a familiar set of faces as the Yamai twins help our cross-dressed protagonist. Miku approaches the cafe and takes Shiori out of shift for a little date. Miku is on the offensive with the indirect kissing and trying to win a prize for Shiori. The prize part gets a bit messy as Miku simply asks for the prize with her ability than actually winning it. Shiori then speaks out against this and strengthens his resolve to seal her (which when you think about it, is still romancing her).

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To stand a chance against Miku’s formidable skill at music, Kotori has some plans for Shiori’s crew to have an edge against her. However, Miku’s meddling has the trio being convinced to not play while Origami is missing. Miku’s concert is fully packed with a cheering crowd and Kotori tries to tone down the hype by cutting off the power. Miku then activates her Astral Dress and reignites the concert tenfold. Such display shocks even Shiori but she is joined by Tohka and the Twins who explain that they can play the drums and bass as they had competed each other in that category. While all this happens, DEM chicks prepare to wreck shit up until Origami with the bigass mechsuit from Season 1 shows up to ruin their day. The interference from the fight cause trouble to Shiori since Kotori wanted to lip-synch the concert but then Tohka decides to step it up and sing the entire thing live.

Episode 7 should conclude Volume 6 and we enter Volume 7, a pretty action packed volume so get hype. We actually get some development/serious fighting.

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