Nisekoi Episode 17- Traditional wear galore

From what I’m hearing, the next episode is going to involve everyone taking a trip and the antics that follow group outings. No judgement here but like I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if second season hits the corner. On the manga scene, Golden Week takes its toll and we not no new chapter. The previous chapter however did hint at something but I doubt we’ll have any sort of closer soon. God help me to prove me wrong cause the series isn’t bad but it can quickly become worse if this drags on even more.

3 weeks left to see what the fate of the anime series holds. We had Marika and Ondera being focused on for a bit so now we move back to the bigger pantheon of characters.

I honestly find it very hard to believe Raku comes from a gangster family. Then again, he’s the adored child and heir so I guess we see the best of the family’s goons when Raku is around. Speaking of good behavior, Raku helps out his family by running one of the many stalls his gang operates at a local festival. On a nice trip to deliver some food to his underlings, he runs into Chitoge. Underling #1 catches the two and assures their future boss that they wouldn’t dare interfere and gives him the rest of the night to have fun.

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It takes quite a bit from Chitoge to realize that Raku is essentially a reusable gift card to get free stuff in the festival and decides to accompany him through the festivities. Behind the fake love duo is Onodera and Marika who catch a glimpse of them and follow them around. Chitoge and Raku overhear everyone lauding over Chitoge’s good looks while Raku overhears some bad remarks on himself. Raku shows his expertise in festival games thanks to his group owning most of the stalls.

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Raku makes his goals for the night clear to us. He’s aiming for a charm that apparently has a good effect for one’s love life (HAH). A sizeable crowd has already gathered where the distribution of charms are going on. Raku and Chitoge hold hands to not get lost. As soon as Raku gets his coveted charm though, he loses grip and Chitoge lets lost in the crowd. Raku then holds on to an outstretched hand in the crowd and out comes Onodera from the crowd. Raku is concerned that Chitoge is lost and drops his charm. Onodera picks it up but ends up breaking the laces on her shoes. Raku carries her out but a cat walks by and takes the charm.

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Raku gives chase and the cat nears Marika. Raku’s approach through Marika to the cat is mistaken by Marika as Raku attempting to give her a kiss. Mariak freaks out while Raku misses the cat and continues the chase. Next on the list is Tsugumi. She struggles with the peashooter of a gun to win a game. Raku shows up and asks if she has seen a cat. She points to where the cat went and Raku wins a game for her and rewards her some chocolate. Shu and his lackeys are next to be graced by the love charm as the cat drops the charm on Shu. Shu eyes a pretty girl and it turns out to be a Miyamoto. Insert kick to the face and we move on.

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The charm finally goes full circle and we find Chitoge, only this time in a yukata. Chitoge hands Raku the charm that she found and they pass by a sign that describes if a man ever gives a woman a love charm, it’s a marriage proposal. Raku of course disregards the sign and thinks that a charm is more fitting on a girl than a guy so he decides to give it to her. Misunderstandings galore and add the fact that Chitoge’s yukata is not on properly leaves for a loud argument while clearing up the misunderstanding.

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Short and sweet. Anyways, my thoughts on the series (much less the episode) are still one and the same. It’s decent but I still won’t say anything too bad since the anime can only go so far. If anything, it’s entertaining but that can only last so long (I’m speaking about the manga here). It was a cute episode and we return to a broader focus on everybody, while Chitoge did take most of the scenes.

I have to give some special remark about the endcards for Nisekoi. This week’s episode was just so damn beautiful. Take a look at the Tsugumi endcard for this week.


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