Date A Live II Episode 4- Rocked like a hurricane

Love how Yoshino is just there marathoning a soap opera and showing up at least once every episode. Hence the reason why she’s the featured image nearly everytime.

The twins arc come to close as expected. The LN’s had a pretty hectic time with the entire fighting portion of this arc but I think the anime did a good job on keeping a lot of scenes close together to avoid too much rushing. I felt like the Twins fighting themselves lasted a lot longer but they barely do any damage to each other so I guess we really didn’t need too many pointless action scenes.

To make up for the horrendous filler episode, and the double fanservice episodes we got ourselves a complete focus on the action. Let’s get right into it.

The twins continue their bout that started last episode and Shido tries to stop them again. Tohka warns him that they’re not alone and when Tohka is serious, she’s usually right in bad premonitions. Behold the “Bandersnatch” unmanned drones along with Ellen who finally reveals who she is. While not exactly revealing that she’s apart from the AST, she challenges Tohka into a match and equips her personal armor, Pendragon. Tohka doesn’t give too much of a fight since she’s partly sealed and she gets apprehended by the drones.

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This scene must be a bit confusing for newer viewers since Shido has never done this before but after taking into consideration that things go out of control before Shido can successfully seal a spirit, he’s usually helpless when things get violent. Seeing as how there is only Tohka who can help him and she’s being captured, Shido invokes his strange abilities once more.

Date A Live II- Shido and Sandalphon

Only this time, instead of getting Kotori’s phoenix like flame that heals his wounds, he finds Sandalphon in his hands. While the twins fight and Shido finds himself a new ability, Kannazuki has been fighting off the DEM airship that Ellen was in contact with. While his perverse nature still reigns supreme in his mindset, he reveals his true worth as he is able to protect the Fraxinus against every attack. Completely outplaying the enemy command, Kannazuki proves himself that he’s not useless.

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The DEM ship’s damage report distracts Ellen long enough for Shido to cut down a few Bandersnatches and run off with Tohka. Ellen attempts to give chase but the trio that caused her so much trouble before strikes again. Tohka and Shido finally have a chance to get Kaguya and Yuzuru’s attention. Tohka helps Shido with one last swing of her sword to split the storm clouds and gain the twin’s attentions. Shido kicks up the speech level up to max and disregards the twin’s thoughts and gives them three choices. The only relevant choice being Choice #3, where both twins live without sacrificing each other to become the true spirit.

Date A Live II- Twins United 1

To put it simply, small talk becomes a crying spree when the twins confess that they don’t want to die. Both the twins want the other to live and experience life and the two come to a conclusion that they accept the third way out. The mood cuts from the sentimentality back to fighting when the DEM ship burns down and out of rage, the captain orders all drones on the twins and Tohka. The twins come together and fuse their Angels. The lance belonging to Kaguya and the chains from Yuzuru form a bow and arrow and pierces the ship.

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We see Origami and Reine in the medical bay and Origami seems to have made it out alive with Reine unscathed. Origami laments that she has grown weak and hopes that she becomes stronger. Beneath the rage and revenge, the desire to protect others still holds on to her. With the twins finally calmed down, all that’s left is to seal their abilities. Shido doesn’t even have to move at this point, both twins kiss him together and cue the clothing disintegration while Tohka walks in. Spirit Yamai, AKA Berserker has been sealed.

Date A Live II- Aftermath Ellen

Ellen seems to have climbed out of the hole she was trapped in and reports to her boss Westcott. Apparently, the destruction of a ship and a few drones was worth the confirmation that Tohka is indeed the spirit DEM is after. Elsewhere, Kotori is given news that Shido has invoked an angel from the spirit powers he is able to draw out. Kotori promises her superiors that she will deal with her brother when the time comes.

First things first: Ellen was so moe.

The airship battle was probably the best fight out of the entire arc. I say this because the fight between the twins have been evenly matched according to their take on their fights. Tohka and Shido’s struggle against Ellen and the drones is shortlived so it makes sense for the focus to be on the airship. I guess we had “some” development from the Fraxinus crew but Kannazuki takes the cake. That being said, Shido finally gets to do something but having an angel in his hands predictably exhausts him. We’ll see more of his potential very soon.


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