Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 5- Steel Within and Fire Without

In exchange for double Black Bullet, I got through Jojo a day late, no big loss so I’m okay with that. We finally assemble the crew that will take us to Egypt until we meet that 6th Star that the opening foreshadows. That being said, the slow pacing still scares me as we might end up cutting a few fights. So far, no fight has been skipped and the preview has yet another chronologically correct Stand showcased as well.

I hope for the best though, I pray for a completely uncut Part 3. With that out of the way, let’s conclude the fight that was started last week.

The French man introduces himself as Jeane Pierre Polnareff and of course, he revealed his Stand’s name last episode. Polnareff’s fire clock he made out of Magician’s Red’s ability is immediately destroyed by Avdol’s command and the latter remarks that Polnareff is rather conceited in his skills. Polnareff counters back by demonstrating his stand’s speed by piercing 5 coins in mid air with fire between each coin.

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Polnareff leads the crew outside where he and Avdol can suitably fight. The chosen are is Hong Kong’s Tiger Balm Garden and the open space give both stand users free space to fight it out. Silver Chariot is the first to attack and after dodging a few strikes, Magician’s Red fires back some fireballs. Chariot deflects them all and burns a statue of a bird into Magician’s Red’s shape.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- Polnareff

Avdol gets serious and breaths deep to prepare for his attack while Polnareff prepares to wait out the attack. Avdol unleashes his Crossfire Hurricane but Silver Chariot is once again able to deflect the flames back to Avdol. Avdol catches fire and Polnareff begins to gloat but once again finds Magician’s Red charging towards him. Chariot finishes off Magician’s Red but it turns out that his target turned out to be the statue that he had made to insult Avdol and that Avdol didn’t catch fire at all. Avdol remarks on how Polnareff’s mockery was the one that led to his undoing. Avdol sends out another Crossfire hurricane and Polnareff’s Chariots gets roasted. Avdol wastes no time in wanting to continue the crew’s journey to Egypt but Polnareff’s body launches up in the air while his Stand seemingly explodes.

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Polnareff lands and shows that he is uninjured and decides to reveal the secret to his safety. The explosion that occured earlier was not that of his Stand dying on him but rather Silver Chariot taking its armor off. Now, Chariot is even faster now that the heavy armor is out of the way. Avdol steps up to the plate to fight Polnareff once again but now finds that Chariot has multiplied itself to around 6-7 after-images. Avdol is able to get away from the flurry of sword swipes and counters back with some fires attacks. Polnareff is effortlessly avoids them but Avdol unveils another skill of his. Manipulating the power of flames even further, he is able to place variations of his Crossfire hurricanes and sends out a swathe of fire against Chariot’s afterimages. Polnareff plans to send the flames back against Avdol but a Crossfire hurricane erupts directly beneath him. Avdol had dug the passage for the fire to reach Polnareff when he tried to counterattacks Polnareff’s initial assault.

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Polnareff slowly burns to death and Avdol decides to hand him a dagger to end his life painlessly. Polnareff thinks of throwing it but decides to be a good sport and accept the courtesy of his life and accepts his fate. Avdol is completely surprised that Polnareff has not thrown the dagger nor committed suicide and praises Polnareff’s chivalrous attitude. He extinguishes the fire and locates a fleshbud behind some of Polnareff’s wacky hairdo. Jotaro is called upon once again to remove it while Joseph freaks out in the back.

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The next day, our crew tries to locate the boat they requisitioned from the Speedwagon Foundation the day earlier. They meet Polnareff on the docks where he thanks them for breaking him out of Dio’s spell. He asks Joseph on the status on his arm as he is currently hunting down the man who killed his sister. His suspiscions being from the fact that the only way that he is able to identify this man is that he has two right hands. Of course, on his manhunt for the killer, Polnareff happened upon Dio a year prior to the current time where he was made his servant. The crew collude that the two right handed man has probably allied himself with Dio and Polnareff decides to join them in their quest. He also quickly changes his attitude when two girls request Jotaro to take a picture of them and he immediately takes their offer.

So far, that makes Vanilla Ice, Enya Geil, and now freaking Petshop that has made cameo appearances beside Dio. They’re really doing a great job in getting us even more hype for the last stretch that’s still a long way ahead of us. I mentioned above that we got extremely tight pacing and not a single stand fight has been excluded and it seems like next week’s episode doesn’t plan on changing that either. I find a small discrepancy between Silver Chariot’s strength (being able to carry Polnareff) but we’ll get to that when get there. Great episode as always. Polnareff’s voice had me doubting but I really like how it turned out.

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