Black Bullet Episode 3&4- Gotta go fast

Look at this guy. The episode aired Tuesday and he’s posting his thoughts on it as the last series for the week. Well, classes end in around 3 weeks and immediately after classes end is ACEN. That’s not excuse for my tardiness but if anything, let’s just say Jojo, DAL, and Nisekoi had a bit more time to grown on me than Black Bullet has. It’s a matter of time before this stakes a claim but for now, this will most likely keep happening. Jojo and DAL take usual priorities but Nisekoi ends in 4 episodes.

Would you look at that, it’s a double coverage.

Anyways, circumstances and favoritism aside: We got more of our semi-competent MC with a loli that’s pretty cool. Rikiya Koyama’s voice is doing wonders as Hiruko but Kira will be the best voice he has ever done. Screw that laid-back asshat from DxD.

The eccentric doctor that Rentaro is friends with gives us a small peptalk on the general consensus on what regular people consider the Cursed Children. Rentaro, being the irritable one when it concerns stuff like this lashes out against the public opinion. The good doctor directs his passion-filled righteousness to doing something instead of yelling at her.

Rentaro receives a phone call and is told that Enju returned to school. Fearing the worst, he sprints to her school. Surely enough, Enju is already ostracized for her status as one of the “inhumans”. Even one of her actual friends ignores her cries. Before the scene gets any worse, Rentaro shows up to stop any more damage from being done.

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The two are immediately given orders to locate a Gastrea who happens to be have the briefcase. Enju acts out of some anger and dives headfirst onto a a large spider gastrea that’s hang-gliding with its own webs. Rentaro gives chase soon after. A rough landing aside, Rentaro finds Enju admist a grisly area of Gastrea parts. Only after calming her through some brutality does Enju finally give in to some tears. Heartwarming hug and reassurance quickly goes wrong as soon as Rentaro lays his hands on the briefcase. Hiruko shows up and has Rentaro at gunpoint. His daughter shows up too and she gets into a fight with Enju.

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Seeing as how the situation is not looking good at all, Rentaro tells Enju to run while he stays behind. Rentaro gets stabbed, shot, and then shot for the last time and lands in the creek below the cliff he struggled on. He comes back to reality and wakes up in a hospital with Kisara next to him. Other than healing from grievous wounds in a few days, Kisara wastes no time in telling Rentaro that the object in the briefcase was a catalyst to spawn a Level 5 Gastrea (the ones we seen til now were around 1-2). Either way, Enju happened to be next to him the entire time and the duo are given preparations to leave and hunt down Hiruko along with the other civil officers.

Black Bullet- Black Bullet Kayo

The two encounter an Initiator who we all saw in Episode 2 with the meathead carrying a sword. Apparently Ikuma Shogen (the meathead) left his initiator, Senju Kayo when they got seperated after they ran into a Gastrea. Rentaro treats her wounds while Enju sulks. The two have a talk and Rentaro raises his voice when Kayo speaks on Shogen telling her to kill a civil officer pair in order to obtain more of the reward. Kayo is conflicted with her actions and thanks Rentaro for speaking up. Shogen radios in and yells that he has found Hiruko and the three give chase.

Black Bullet- Father and Daughter

Kayo goes off on her own while Rentaro and Enju confront the father and daughter duo near a cathedral. Every civil officer lies dead and Shogen falls to his death with his sword lodged into his back. Before the two sides start brawling out, we switch scenes to Kisara barging into a room with with Seitenshi and her grandfather and we’re given some insights on the combatants. Other than the Cursed Children, Hiruko was apparently a product of a “New generation” program that explains his strength. Kisara continues on Rentaro’s account that he, while protecting her, had lost a few limbs and the doctor had given him mechanical limbs made of Varanium, making him similar to Hiruko.

The fight isn’t prolonged but while Rentaro attempts to save Enju, he gets severely wounded. He harkens back to the doctor and the syringes of Gastrea samples that she hopes Rentaro won’t have to use. While the syringe will give him extreme regeneration, it has a  20% chance of turning him into one. Seeing no other choice left, Rentaro injects a good 5 syringes and then gets back up to one-shot Hiruko.

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The next scene however moves extremely quick as Kisara notes that a Stage 5 Gastrea has already spawned and an extremely convienient railgun to kill it is near Rentaro’s location. Rentaro is given the burden of shooting the beast using his Varanium arm as ammunition but fears that he will miss. A little encouragement from Enju more or less allows him to shoot. With the entire fiasco over, Rentaro finds Kayo wounded and having enough Gastrea fluid to turn her into one. She requests that she dies human and thanks Rentaro for awknowledging her humanity. Rentaro fulfills her dying wish and he pulls the trigger. The episode ends with Rentaro, yet again, making a request by pulling his gun out on Kisara’s grandfather and requesting some civil rights for the Cursed Children. He feels indebted to him but doesn’t agree with his ideas.

I felt the rushed pace of this episode. If you thought I rushed through this post, which I did, the anime did a worse job at it. Not to say it was interesting but the pacing was extremely fast but I assume we’re trying to get to bigger and better things here. That being said, the episode was not without some good parts. That final scene with Kayo was tragic and actually, that’s pretty much the defining part of the 2 episodes. The fight was short and was a bit awkward at times in animation. Either way, I hope for better in the next episode.


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