Music of the Week #135

Change of plans


So let’s get a few things in order. Black Bullet hasn’t been covered since last week and that’s what I’m going to be on working on today to get both episode 3 and 4 covered for tomorrow, that way I’m basically caught up. Other than that, we got the full weekend package deal I’ve actually been keeping up with for the past month.

I unexpectedly got back into Galaxy Angel a few weeks back when the computer died and initially planned to take this surge of motivation to play to fuel my efforts in covering it. Unfortunately, the need to play outscaled the need to cover and I ended playing a lot more than I wanted to cover. To put it simply and cleanly, I’m quitting on coverage but that should be no surprise to any of you. However, I love the series too damn much to let it end there. I’ll basically put up my thoughts on the entire first trilogy and pour out my love for the game whilst crying about how I won’t be able to play the second trilogy as easily. Look foward to that. Hell, might even have some music from the series be on the Wednesday feature.

Other than that folks, look foward to what’s to come.

This week’s theme continues from last week. This is 1/2, the second opening for Rurouni Kenshin.