Nisekoi Episode 16- The Sweetest of them all

So I’m basically telling all of you anime-only people what’s going on with the manga every week. The elusive key returns as a plot device and surprise, the new girl happens to be involved in all of the “we met eachother in the past” thing. Jesus christ, everyone in this series must have some memory problems. How can they forget such an important topic? Especially when it might involve polygamy?

Anyways, as if to counter the amount of Marika-moe we got, Onodera hits me with a left-hook from left-field as we get a pure Ondera episode today.

So ignoring the fangasming going on in my Skype call with one of my friends, let’s get this show on the road.

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Miyamoto complains on how their school break is nearly over and Onodera hasn’t even made a move on Raku yet. We get to the heart of today’s episode immediately as Onodera counters back that she has invited Raku to her house to help with the family business. Needless to say, some initiative is shocking for everyone to hear.

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Raku enters Onodera’s home and encounters her cutthroat mother who mouths Raku off. Onodera busts in the room to explain why Raku is here. Onodera’s mother is not too forgiving on giving Raku the benefit out doubt so she brings him to the kitchen and asks for a demonstration of his cooking prowess. Minutes later, he presents to her some baked goods and she’s thoroughly convinced enough to ask him to marry into the family.

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Anyways, Onodera’s mother entrusts her daughter and Raku to watch over the shop until she’s finished with some business deals. The two get to cooking and we hear of Onodera’s previous attempts at cooking. Anyways, other than fatal confectionaries, Raku and Onodera get to work and find each other as a good duo. The shop doesn’t get too many customers but a resident grandpa shows up and Raku stops his attempts at flirting. Onodera also takes this chance to tell Raku that she’s aware of the fake relationship going on between Raku and Chitoge. But as if that’s going to prompt him to do anything.

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A typhoon rolls by and Onodera’s mother calls that she won’t be able to make it home tonight. She also tells her daughter that Raku won’t be able to get home safely in the weather. Raku tries to leave but isn’t able to compete against a freak storm. Seeing no other choice left, Onodera quickly leaves the main floor to clean up her room. Raku is invited upstairs but the pair finds nothing to talk about.

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Raku brings up to see some photo albums and they start finding eachother in pictures. Onodera talks about how she became friends with Miyamoto while Raku sheds the tiniest bit of light on how long he’s known Shu. Raku is unable to find himself in the photos but Onodera manages to find him in a lot of them. Onodera thinks Raku was popular in the earlier years but Raku denies the claim. She adds that she knew at least one girl who liked him and Raku begs to know who. She refuses to tell him but we all know who it is. Time passes extremely quickly but Raku notices that the storm has stopped and painfully realizes that he needs to get back home.

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He wishes for Onodera to say the magic words, “Don’t leave” but even she is at her limits. Before he leaves though, he summons up some courage to ask for her number. Onodera thinks of texting him the answer to his previous question, the identity of the girl who liked him. But of course, having 70+ chapters ahead of us, she doesn’t reveal that fact.

Not much to say folks. It’s just Onodera being Onodera and Raku being a moron. What did we really expect though? We have 4 episodes left and seeing as how people are loving this series, I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets another season going for it. Hell, we’ve got a ton of arcs for it to adapt and I’m guessing they can “probably” rake in more cash once they adapt to the point where we get yet another girl. There’s also some major arcs with Chitoge so we clearly have an abundance. I complain about the series but I wouldn’t neccessarily mean I hate it.

Black Bullet is up next folks, see you then.


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