Date A Live II Episode 3- Double the Spirits, Double the fanservice

I feared the adaptation of the following scenes because I knew it would mean some serious amounts of screencap hunting. Not that I have any problems with fanservice that but DAMN, this is around Light’s level of screencap (if you even remember him). What makes it even worse is that they’re twins, and being the person I am, I require both their screencaps and the corresponding picture of the other twin as well. What I just said may not make sense so to put it simply: the twins essentially double the amount of pics unless they’re together for a lot of the scenes. Anyways, my LN to Anime adaptation senses tell me that the twins arc will be over next episode. Explanations will be brief but will be at the end.

So, prepare for fanservice folks

and make it double

By the way, full screenshots are at the bottom. So feast your eyes whenever you please.

Kaguya and Yuzuru do their thing to seduce Shido through the night but none of them seem to be able to pull anything off. They apparently befriend Origami and Tohka who ingrained some ideas on what how to seduce Shido. Speaking of those two, they quarrel over their romance while Ellen keeps an eye on the latter.

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Reine goes over the plan with Shido and reminds him that they have to pull something off if they plan to save both of the twins at once. Choosing one over the other will delete the other out of the existence and we can’t let that happen can we? Reine informs us that she has given earpieces to the twins to help Shido out to out-seduce the both of them. Things go according to plan and then we get the lotion rubbing.

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Tohka and Origami join in on the fun and even Reine decides to step in to assist. They play volleyball and Shido is teamed up with the Twins to help them. Everyone, especially Tohka and Origami, are motivated to cooperate as Reine promised them some embarassing secrets on Shido. Tohka dominates the early half of the game but the twins decide to actually help eachother.

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Kaguya requests that Shido listen to something that she has to say. Shido will have to choose between the two twins the next day and Kaguya tells him to choose Yuzuru. Yuzuru says the exact same thing and wants Shido to save Kaguya instead. Both passionately describe their other half and hopes that Shido makes the right choice in saving the other twin.

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Tohka asks Shido for a nice walk on the beach while things get heated up as the crew of the Fraxinus encounter DEM’s team that Ellen has been contacting throughout this mission. Kannazuki wipes off the slobbish guise and prepares to fight. The mechsuit “Bandersnatch” are deployed to capture Tohka. Tohka is given the situation regarding the twins entirely but during that offscreen recap, both of the twins hear what the other had to say. Instead of being sentimental, the two get ticked off and revert back to their angel forms to fight again.

All that’s left is the fight between the twins, Tohka and Shido’s intervention of said fight, Fraxinus vs DEM, and a bit more of Ellen until we reach the end of Volume 5. That being said, I told you this was filled with fanservice. It was a pain getting all the screencaps I wanted but I’m very pleased with both my hunting and the episode itself. This is the last time you’ll get this amount of pure fanservice as the next arc actually has plot. Stay tuned folks, it only gets better.

And as promised, full shots down below

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