Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 4- Another Plane Crashed

Joseph got called Dandy

The bizarre adventure finally starts and we get a glimpse of what’s to come. Recent Bluray news basically confirm a 24-26 episode run but with the pace we’re going at, I doubt we will get there. If anything, they might as well make a 12 episode seperate series when they finally arrive in Egypt. I said finally because a quick plane ride to Egypt ain’t happening folks. We’ve got a “Defeat the Vampire in 50 Days” journey going on that’ll make Jules Verne himself pose.

Did I mention it was slow-paced? It’s a good thing I suppose. They haven’t cut too many things out but they might have to.

Let’s get to it, fellow Crusaders

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We begin the episode with a menagerie of women after what seems to be a festive night with DIO himself. In the background, a servant of DIO explains that the Joestar’s chase will be cut short by one of their allies. DIO is pleased to hear the news and then feasts upon one of the women’s blood.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- Crew

On the plane to Egypt, Joseph and Jotaro stay awake to see if any enemy Stand users are present on the plane. Kakyoin is the one who notices something amiss and Jotaro identifies a beetle buzzing around. The group collude to ask Avdol if the beetle is a stand but the beetle makes itself clear when it approaches the crew. Jotaro steps up to the plate to deal with the threat and summons Star Platinum. However, even Star Platinum’s speed and precision is unable to land a hit on the enemy stand.

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Avdol explains that a stand user who uses a bug stand has been causing some havoc in public transports for quite some time and when it uses its trademark tongue ripping attack, Avdol identifies the stand as the Tower of Gray. Jotaro is able to keep the Tower of Gray’s tongue at bay when he stops it halfway through its tongue ripper. Jotaro then attempts to use Star Platinum again and tries to land a blow but to no avail. The ToG zips past and hides amongst the passengers. The crew conclude that they need to find the User if they want a good chance at defeating the fastest stand they have seen thus far.

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ToG attacks 3 passengers and spells out MASSACRE on the wall with their bloody tongues. An old man wakes up and goes to the bathroom. He panics when he feels blood on the walls and Kakyoin knocks the old man out. Kakyoin believes that if Jotaro or Avdol accidentally damages the plane it would be fatal. His Hierophant Green would be the best choice to defeat ToG in this situation. A few Emerald Splashes are unable to hit ToG but when Kakyoin gets hit, HG’s tendrils are able to pierce through the distracted ToG and rips it apart. The old man who got knocked out is revealed to be the user, Gray Fly and the stand’s damage is transferred onto him.

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Fearing the worst, Joseph quickly checks on the pilots and finds all of them dead. Jotaro and Kakyoin swoon over the attendents and Jotaro tells them to prepare everyone for safety. Joseph is then trusted to land the plane. Gray Fly gets up and kicking for a while to taunt the crew that he has succeeded partly through his mission as he has stopped the plane from getting to Egypt. He beckons that more stand users loyal to DIO will stop them every hour of every day. With his last omens delivered, Gray Fly finally dies.

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Joseph is able to manage the plane’s crash and the crew arrive at Kowloon in Hong Kong. Joseph orders for some transportation while the rest of the crew tries to order food. Joseph stops them as he plans to discuss everything, including food, at a nearby restaurant. Joseph proposes that they travel to Egypt by boat as planes are now a no-go. Everyone agrees as travel by land means a few deserts and more people to be encountered.

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Kakyoin introduces Jotaro to a few customs when a silver-haired French man asks for some help in reading the menu. Jotaro tells him off but Joseph invites him to their table. The feast gets underway but the French man notices a star-shaped carrot and everyone becomes aware that this is yet another assassin sent by DIO. A sword pierces through a bowl of soup and Joseph blocks it with his artificial hand. Avdol knocks the table away and engages the stand user with Magician’s Red. The sword however twirls the flames onto the knocked down table and makes a clock. The enemy stand user reveals his Stand’s name as Silver Chariot and promises to deal with Avdol before his newly made clock strikes 12.

TOG isn’t the most exciting Stand Battle but atleast we know the skipped fight in the OVA’s have been brought back and hopefully most of the fights stay. Stay tuned for next week when we face Silver Chariot and as the opening suggests, have a new ally against DIO!


2 thoughts on “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 4- Another Plane Crashed”

  1. This is ONLY the third plane Joseph crashed. True to his word, Jotaro never flew with Joseph again… Joseph arrive and leave Japan in part 4 on a boat. I guess Jotaro doesn’t want to take the chance again.

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