Music of the Week #134

Body aches


Was out of the house for Wednesday for a trip and sores inhibited from posting on Thursday. I already posted Jojo thinking that I already posted this before it, oh well. It’s a straightfoward week folks, Jojo is already posted, DAL is prepped up for tomorrow, and Black Bullet + Nisekoi will be up after that as well. Black Bullet comes out Tuesdays but it’s hard to focus when it’s not close to the weekend.

Dark Souls II is moving through me again while I get hype with my buddy on UMVC3. Other than that, I might go play some more Galaxy Angel if I get bored of those sooner or later. Might even buy GTA V since I still really want to play it.

Nothing else to say about this other than to look foward to the Date A Live post since it has a shit ton of pictures.

Well throwbacks all the way folks, I forgot to put up some themes with Rurouni Kenshin. This week, it’s Sobakasu: Rurouni Kenshin’s first opening. Here’s the original and the sick jazz version by Platina Jazz. (Extra Korean version too!)

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 4- Another Plane Crashed

Joseph got called Dandy

The bizarre adventure finally starts and we get a glimpse of what’s to come. Recent Bluray news basically confirm a 24-26 episode run but with the pace we’re going at, I doubt we will get there. If anything, they might as well make a 12 episode seperate series when they finally arrive in Egypt. I said finally because a quick plane ride to Egypt ain’t happening folks. We’ve got a “Defeat the Vampire in 50 Days” journey going on that’ll make Jules Verne himself pose.

Did I mention it was slow-paced? It’s a good thing I suppose. They haven’t cut too many things out but they might have to.

Let’s get to it, fellow Crusaders

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