Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 3- LET’S GO!

Going exactly as I feared, this episode was an explanatory episode than a fighting one. That being said, this is Jojo, where explanations themselves are outrageous and stylistically silly. With the explanation episode now out of the way, nothing is stopping the hypetrain from plowing through the chapters and beating up enemy Stand users for the next 20+ weeks.

The ending (song) definitely caught A LOT of people off guard. When you stop to think about it though, it was sad of us as a fanbase to not consider this as an option. The only problem I see with it is that Roundabout set up so much atmosphere with its opening chords but this song might have to be altered or changed if we get to the more dramatic/suspenseful parts of Part 3.

Enough talking though, I got more things to post for you guys so let’s get straight into it

(More pictures to be added)

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- Avdol's Escape

Joseph and Avdol identifies the reason why Kakyoin was planning to kill them. The flesh bud that is active on Kakyoin’s forehead had pierced into his brain and influenced his thoughts to eliminate the enemies of Dio. Avdol recounts his side of the story back when he lived in Egypt where he encountered Dio at his home. While Dio’s charisma stunned him, he was able to run away before Dio could implant a flesh bud into his forehead.

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Jotaro hears that the flesh bud will eventually end up killing its host and he decides to save the innocent Kakyoin from Dio’s thrall. Knowing how precise his Stand is, he belives he can remove the bud without harming Kakyoins brain. Jotaro summons his stand and proceeds to carefully yank out the bud. Avdol tries to stop him when the flesh bud inserts its tentacles through Jotaro’s hands and works its way up to his face. Joseph stops Avdol seeing as how Jotaro hasn’t flinched for a second. Jotaro successfully removes the bud and Joseph puts a little ripple to finish it off. Kakyoin is then treated by Holly.

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The next day, Avdol finds Holly passed out and discovers that a plant like Stand is growing out of her back. He surmises that her innocent and gentle nature is unfit to have a Stand and that Dio’s influence over the Joestar line as forcibly drawn out Holly’s stand. If Dio is not dealt with, Avdol fears that she may die. This is overheard by Joseph and Jotaro and they try to identify where Dio’s location is.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- Jojo

Jotaro once again proves his Stand’s precision and he observes one of the spirit photos of Dio and locates a feature in the background. He quickly sketches it on to a piece of paper and we find a sketch of a fly. Avdol recognizes its features and heads off to the family library in the storehouse. Kakyoin has overheard this and encounters Avdol reading up on the flies later on the day. Avdol gives us a deadline that in 50 days, Dio must be eliminated. While that’s going on, Joseph takes care of Holly but then she faints once more.

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Avdol identifies the fly being native to the region of Aswan in Egypt and as the crew prepares to head out. Kakyoin comes in and declares that he wishes to help as well. He recounts his tale that during a vacation in Egypt, he encountered Dio. Seeing someone as kind as Holly be afflicted in a fight that she has no part in pains Kakyoin and he wishes to make up for his deeds.


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With the doctors from the Speedwagon Foundation arriving at the Kujo residence, our crew prepare sto disembark on their fateful trip to Egypt. Avdol takes the chance to christen the names of everyone’s Stands with his tarot cards. Finally we are given the names of Joseph and Jotaro’s stand. Hermit Purple and Star Platinum. With that aside, they leave.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- Dio

In Egypt, Dio invokes a similar Purple Hermit and retrieves a photo of Joseph and crew on the plane.

By the previews, we have the 1st enemy stand battle and then we encounter Polnareff. Either they can drag this out and have Polnareff join in at the end or have him join in the middle of the episode and get on a nice boat ride. Either way, explanations are over, only fighting lies ahead of the arduous journey to reach DIO. Get hype folks, it only gets better from here.

And don’t tell me that you expected Walk Like an Egyptian.

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