Music of the Week #133


Getting on Track


So with my thoughts on the Spring season done, all that’s left is just to post the appropriate recaps and talks. I’m thinking of continuing Galaxy Angel now since I’m in the middle of playing through it all again. My friend finally got himself a copy of UMVC3 so we brawl it out when we need to. Interest in Dark Souls 2 picks up again as my completionist self cannot stand by and not 100% and never touch it again.

The hype train has no end in sight for Jojo folks.  With the slow, developed pace we’re going at, I doubt this will be 26 episodes. Then again, rarely do they break protocol for episode airings.

Not much to say folks, I’ve settled into to the season and I hope to think up more stuff for me to talk about other than reviews.

Fly Away by Back-On. A song I just happened upon in a Jojo combo video and found extremely catchy. We’ll be covering some Kenshin themes I have forgotten to add so expect the classic tunes in the next few weeks.

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