Update on Week 1 of Spring 2014

Series were getting dropped like flies so it really wasn’t worth the post. Allow me to just very quickly summarize what’s going on for this season and why it’s going to be like it is.

Let’s get the easier stuff out of the way

  1. Jojo is being watched. There was not any doubt over this.
  2. DAL is being watched for the sole reason of the artist behind the series.
  3. Nisekoi’s manga is getting worse with each chapter but the anime is something that I’ve already committed to watching.
  4. Mahouka is being watched so I can poke fun at Light FOREVER.

I’m not going to count the new DAL episode because it was an anime original to give retrospect to what transpired in the first season. No need for me to repeat what they’re explaining.

Now let’s get to the fun part.

Where to begin where to begin eh?

So let’s list out the ones I’ve watched in sequential order

  1. Dragonar Academy
  2. Brynhildr
  3. Black Bullet
  4. No Game No Life
  5. Mekaku City

You might ask, why in the world is the order important. It’s a valid point but allow me to say one trait of mine. I hate repeating things and that’s exactly what I experienced, repitition.

This season might have been that season with the most repetition was most prevalent. Allow me to elaborate the fate of these series in terms of this site.

  • Dragonar gets instantly crossed off. I know exactly what to expect from something like this. MC is the anolmaly and will most likely get himself a cadre of females fawning over him.
  • Brynhildr actually got someone defending it and it has gotten under the graces that I give it a few more episodes before final judgement is given.
  • Black Bullet is the first to hit me with the Loli being the anolmaly with the loli’s male partner. So it didn’t get too many dirty looks from me. I rather like the modern setting even though I do want a good ol fantasy series with travel involved. That’s a story for another time though.
  • No Game No Life definitely has an interesting premise but I’ve already gotten my fill of the semi-incestuous siblings (Mahouka) and loli companions (Black Bullet). It has the Mondaiji vibe with the MC and cute girl accompanying him but viewing order really didn’t leave me impressed. I will give it more chances but it ain’t off to a good start. (Besides, the videogame centric anime has been left with a sour taste in my mouth thanks to SAO and Accel World)
  • Mekaku City: The amalgamation of NEETs (NGNL) and pretty much everything else above really didn’t leave me surprised.

So really, I just got tired of seeing the same damn thing over and over again. I apologize for the people who like the series rejected above but I blame how I saw them since I get really irritated when it comes to this sort of thing.

That being said, Jojo has gotten its update while Nisekoi needs one right now. Mahouka won’t be “covered” but it’s definitely being watched. DAL’s coverage comes next week when the actual adaptation begins. The rest will get their episodic coverage when I actually make up my mind. They will also have their episode 1 recaps because I don’t like having gaps in my eventual coverages

Expect the appropriate updates.

One thought on “Update on Week 1 of Spring 2014”

  1. Looks like your inner aniblogger has finally awakened or maybe I haven’t noticed until now. Well, as long as you still have Jojo…

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