Update on Week 1 of Spring 2014

Series were getting dropped like flies so it really wasn’t worth the post. Allow me to just very quickly summarize what’s going on for this season and why it’s going to be like it is.

Let’s get the easier stuff out of the way

  1. Jojo is being watched. There was not any doubt over this.
  2. DAL is being watched for the sole reason of the artist behind the series.
  3. Nisekoi’s manga is getting worse with each chapter but the anime is something that I’ve already committed to watching.
  4. Mahouka is being watched so I can poke fun at Light FOREVER.

I’m not going to count the new DAL episode because it was an anime original to give retrospect to what transpired in the first season. No need for me to repeat what they’re explaining.

Now let’s get to the fun part.

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