Music of the Week #132

So much


I’ve been complaining about how little games I have to play. Dark Souls is near completed in terms of my 100% trophy run too. Recall that my computer had an untimely disaster that destroyed all of my programs. AKA: Nearly all my games that aren’t on Steam. Galaxy Angel, Kamidori, DotA2, League, and some Warcraft 3. I also lost some Warhammer games that I strangely crave again.

So what I plan on doing when I’m not Trophywhoring myself in Dark Souls is I will most likely be restoring lost data through constant plays. Vanilla Galaxy Angel will gets its entirety played out and I guess while I’m at the 2nd game when I’m eventually through with those, I’ll continue the Gametalks. Speaking of those, I have a few in mind that aren’t related to GA so yeah, the ideas aren’t completely expired.

That being said, every week is hype for new Jojo so that at leasts keeps me up. We’ll hopefully (and most likely) be graced with its opening and ending. I think I will legitimately explode if they even dare to hold off on airing the OP/Ed again. On another note, Date A Live airs this week as well so I get my guilty pleasure of the season.

More stuff to come in the chaos of season transitions!

But for now, an Eureka opening I forgot to add in with the rest, enjoy.