Nisekoi Episode 13- Delayed once more

I surmised that this would happen.

I’m quickly running out of this to say in front of each episode here. Most especially because I mentioned that I’ve read ahead and know exactly what happens since episode 2-3. Either way, as the title suggests the new character I mentioned does NOT show up and I’m a bit disappointed. I’m sure a bunch of people are but oh well.

But it is for certain that she will show up next week. So let’s dive into it.

While not directly picking up from last episode, Onodera misunderstands Raku’s urgency to snatch the photo away from her as a sign that Raku favors Chitoge. In reality of course, Raku was trying to remove the photo of Onodera taking her cloths off in the background, Chitoge just happened to be the main focus of the picture.

Nisekoi- Memory

Raku doesn’t take note of that misunderstanding and fawns over his prized picture of Onodera while cooking dinner for his family (which probably includes the thugs). Later on the night, he consults his father about any pictures regarding his childhood. Surprisingly enough, Raku learns that a single picture exists regarding the girl whom he made a promise to. Raku digs through his storage house but is unable to find anything.

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With a swirl of thoughts clouding his mind, Raku is unable to concentrate for most of the day. Shu breaks the ice and asks Raku if he wants to join a study group he’s making. Raku is clearly wanting to have gone home to continue looking for the photo but the mere mention of Onodera’s name brings him out to study. It’s the usual crew of Raku and Shu with all the girls we know so far.

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Onodera is slightly shaken when Miyamoto suggests that she and Raku sit together. However, the misunderstanding from before causes Onodera to offer her seat to Chitoge. Tsugumi then finally gets a spoken role when she helps Raku on a problem. The study scene isn’t too noteworthy after that. Few hours later, Raku continues his search and finally happens upon the picture he was looking for. The girl in the picture though doesn’t seem like anyone he knows. He is indubitably perplexed at the picture’s information and it stays within his thoughts.

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At the end of school on a rainy day, Raku lends Chitoge a place beneath the umbrella and they walk toward some cover. Chitoge mentions out of the blue on how she enjoys this “false love (cue title). Before Raku can even get anything across, his dad shows up with the car. He mentions “that girl” (not Chitoge) will be visiting him and when questioned further, calls “that girl” Raku’s fiance.

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