Nisekoi Episode 12- It broke

I think this episode covers up to around the middle of chapter 31 and then yet another girl shall join the cast

So we’re up to Chapter 31 in 12 episodes. Seeing as though we’ll have 20 in total, I have to wonder if we’re going to hit a major arc a bit farther than we expect to or not. I basically forgot a lot of what I read through but in all honesty, not much is going on.

Well other than that, this will be the last post before WE GET TO STARDUST CRUSADERS. SO LET’S GET TO IT.

Lack of pictures so I apologize in advance

Immediately picking up where the last episode left off, Chitoge and Raku discuss the possible chance that they might have been the two fated ones to unlock the pendant. The two scoff at the idea but both are dying to know if they are. The two finally come to terms about trying to unlock it but then the key snaps. Chitoge brushes it off quite easily but Raku is a little more than shocked at the turn of events. Chitoge returns to the party to mingle while Raku runs into Chitoge’s old man

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So it turns out that Chitoge is definitely the one that Raku made the promise too. However, he also mentions yet another girl who he spent his childhood with. Turns out that Onodera also seemed to have shared a fun childhood moment with Raku and Chitoge. While this shakes up Raku’s world a bit, it gives him hope that Onodera might yet be the one for him. That of course won’t get anywhere unless Raku gets his pendant fixed.

Nisekoi- Chitoge's nice bod

Thankfully, Shu’s uncle happens to be a locksmith and promises to fix the lock when he can. Dio Claude is once again on the watch and causes Raku and Chitoge to keep up their act. However, Chitoge seems completely out of it. The latter half of the episode is all about the photos taken during the trip. Chitoge and Tsugumi having a blast because they had never experienced something like this.

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Then comes the subject of embarrassing photos taken by the general staff and then by Shu himself. Cue the usual beating the unsung hero (he’s helped Raku how many times?) and he then offers a premium picture of Onodera. Raku finds a picture of Chitoge but with Onodera undressing in the back and tries to retrieve it for the good of her privacy but when he bumps into the real one, she mostly focuses on Chitoge in the picture and takes the untrue hint.

Later on Raku questions his father about some pictures of his childhood. Familiar sounding recollections lead Raku to the family storehouse for some pictures.

What I said at the beginning of the post summarize my thoughts. I mean, since I read through the entirety of the released/translated chapters I don’t have too much suspense into going the next episode. I did more research on the chapters ahead and it seems like we might have to wait 1-2 more episode to get the new girl (not including this week’s episode to be released). I kind of hope I’m wrong because in all honestly, I kind of like the new girl. Then again, I like everybody.


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