Music of the Week #131

Spring here we come!


Other than just continue covering Nisekoi, we’re going in fresh for the new season. I’m still hyped as shit for Jojo to air but we got two days to go. Not much to say since I got everything except Nisekoi out of the way. If anything I set my friend off on an anime binge and he’s finished Amagami and plowing through Cromartie high. In return, he told me to watch RWBY for the longest time now and I’m currently on Episode 7. Ruby talks too much, White is a bitch, Blake needs to show up more, and Yang’s name makes so sense unless Ruby is adopted for they’re legitimately Chinese. But I understand the naming theme going on so I can let it pass. Plus I sense blatantly obvious sexual tension going on between male Jeanne d’Arc and Pyrrha.

I plan on moving to anime music once again but there are two songs that I forgot to add in their respective segments in the past. I won’t bundle them up because I just don’t like bundling songs unless I was overdo on one.

That being said, this is Clutch from Bebop, enjoy and get hype for STARDUST CRUSADERS