Nisekoi Episode 8: More Tsugumi!

So the announcement says that Nisekoi will have 20 episodes, fun fun fun.

The harem adds one more to its roster and now we get a bit more development with a “plot” point at the very end. I’ll tell you all right now that even after the events of this episode and the rest to come, know that even after 100+ chapters, we still have no idea which key is the one for Raku’s necklace.┬áSo don’t get your hopes up.

But enough of that, let’s just get to talking about the reverse trap

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Mahou Sensou Episode 8: Sibling Love

Am I my brother’s keeper? Does that excuse me from accidentally pushing him into the street and getting hit by a car and then taking his love interest?

Oh hell yeah, I’d be mad

Like my little quib there suggests, Takeshi’s brother finally shows up to finally set things straight. Does he finally get the revenge he wants? Will he finally settle the score? Are you actually still watching this? And are you actually still reading what I have to say about this mess?

I swear, my reviews for each episode get shorter and shorter

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