Nisekoi Episode 9-11: If you think we made Progress, we still have 80+ chapters to adapt

For those of you who actually cared about me covering Mahou Sensou (that might number between no one and no one), I basically dropped it. Simple as that. I’m still watching it for the hell of it and await to rip it apart at the season’s end.

Anyways, why the delays? My computer has suffered from near-daily blue screens and since last month, it’s literally been making sounds of a dying animal. I can’t afford to get anything new until May so I have to make do and pray that it doesn’t completely die out. Just so happens that it did and now it’s just a useless piece of crap. Programs are all gone but Library contents still exist so I just need this thing to be safe until I can afford a good labtop

Enough crying though, let’s catch up

Since I got a lot of ground to cover, and because not too many things happened in the episodes, I’ll do what I did for previous season’s episode with a recap style.

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As if the early swimsuit episode wasn’t enough (which reminds me, we have not yet had a formal swimsuit of all the recent girls, but that makes me sound like I’m desperate for it), Episode 9 is another fanservice-y episode with the hot springs gimmick. Of course, Raku is in the middle of this when Dio Claude switches some signs and tricks him into entering the girl’s spring. Chitoge is luckily the first to come into the bath and is generous to help him leave with a minimal amounts of the usual harem beating. Other than seeing a lot of his female classmates naked, Raku is of course able to get out alive.

Nisekoi- Pokerface

The next episode follows up on the night before, Raku can’t really see Onodera or Chitoge without blushing profusely. Understandable, as if  you could get the image of the person you liked naked from your brain. Anyways, yet another timeless Japanese-highschool-trip-event being the Test of Courage. Hold hands with your designated female partner and off you go into the darkness of the woods. Shu and Miyamoto being the two best friends to their respective personas being able to get Onodera and Raku together. This all goes to waste when Chitoge volunteered herself to dress as a ghost to scare her classmates by her teachers but in lieu of being scared of the dark, gets lost. Raku goes off and saves her of course.

Nisekoi- The Magic Number 12

After all that Chitoge jazz, Onodera gets major screentime when Tsugumi informs everyone of Chitoge’s immediate birthday. Miyamoto solo-engineers a date plan for Raku and Onodera to go out looking for a gift. Other than a moment at the coffee shop and utter failure on Raku’s part, Onodera takes some initiative to show Raku a nice vista spot in their area. Raku also accidentally asks if she’s the girl who he made a promise with 10 years ago. Onodera provides a similar case but their moment is interrupted with Tsugumi calling and then on with the party. Raku’s unusual gift gets a surprising reaction from Chitoge as well. Later that night, Chitoge asks THE question.

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Not much else to say other than chugging through the chapters. We’ll get that 4th girl mixed in around 2-3 episodes. Once the key is fully questioned, she’ll show up to lengthen the series even longer. The most current chapters got some hints of Miyamoto and Shu, which I’m definitely for. Even as of now, I have no ultimate opinion on who is best girl. But with the entire key problem being pushed aside, I can only imagine how far this can last. Not that it’s a bad thing but the main priority for me would be to find out which girl truly was the one.

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