Music of the Week #130

Never understood people saying “welp”

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure- The Heroes Jojo's Bizarre Adventure- Villains

Well with Dandy out of the way and Mahou Sensou to be finished this week I suppose, I’ll at least have one series to critique before the season ends. Jojo starts up immediately next Friday and you don’t even need to worry about me picking up that like a free hundred on the street. But I will deal with Spring when it comes next week.

I got one of my good friends hooked into the Metal Gear series and I legit summarized the plot of the Patriots and I have to say that even now I can’t begin to fathom how such a complex story too place. Speaking of games though, I have a slight issue with Dark Souls 2. I mean I want to beat it but once I Platinum it, I think I won’t play too much of it once I’m finished.  I can’t explain this feeling but I guess I’ll bring it up once I’m actually done with it.

My friend gave me Agarest War 2 so I could get into that but the battle system is a bit repetitive since I basically use most of all its functions every single battle.

But I digress: It’s time for some music while I prep up the Nisekoi recap. This week we conclude with Jojo after a good 30 weeks of it. I’m still playing All Star Battle and of course, the English localization drops on shelves the 29th. While I have some issues with it, I’m sure fans of the series who exactly who everybody is.

This week’s theme is the Credits theme for Jojo at the end of it’s Story mode run. It sure as hell beats the opening but then again, it does somewhat spoil a bit of the fights. Enjoy, we’ll tackle something new next week!