Space Dandy Episode 10-12: In an Alternate Dimension, I would be ahead of Schedule

I decided to tackle Space Dandy before Nisekoi because I’d rather chronicle the adventures of an obsolete robot, a lazy cat, and Josuke in space compared to 2 (later, 3) childhood friends and one reverse trap. Not saying Nisekoi is bad, but it has its manga which I read ahead in while I can never expect what Dandy does next.

Since there’s a lot of ground to cover, I’ll be doing more simplistic (moreso than I usually do) summaries and then straight to my reactions.

I lament the fact that I can’t pull off any creative titles but oh well, I’m going to say them later anyway

I was going to call Episode 10: Another One Bites the Dandy because if you understood that it was a reference to an ability (more so than a phrase) that involved reseting time. Anyways, the Gogol Empire actually does some fighting and a freak accident causes a strange power to imbue within a small calendar on a certain planet. Dandy’s ship just happened to be in need of fixing and the nearest place to get some fixing done was Meow’s home planet.

Space Dandy- Days


It’s revealed that Meow is from a meek family that works as mechanics and the reason Meow left was because he didn’t want to be one. He fears going back home because he felt like he would be disappointing his father.The freak accident that ocurred before however, traps everyone in a single day loop and Dandy’s ship was promised to be fixed the next day because of lack of parts. Long story short, the loop goes on for a damn long while until they figure out that once they rip the page of the imbued calendar, they can move on.

Space Dandy- Family

I thought that it would have been a much more emotional episode but I was happy with what I got. It definitely was funny but for me, it just wasn’t as memorable as other episodes. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great, a recent trend among Dandy episodes.

Space Dandy- Consultation

Now Episode 11 was all sorts of weird (strange enough that I couldn’t even think of a title for it). The crew has an alien in a box that wipes people’s memories but when the box is opened, they’re prompted by the book’s contents (a book) to go to the library planet. Elsewhere, Dr. Gel immerses himself into figuring out what Dandy’s true power is while Bea is given leadership (and proves that he makes a good one) powers by Dormammu Perry. The book turns out to be sentient and used Dandy and his crew for the past 6 months to experience an adventure instead of “reading” a book. Bea and fleet try to destroy Dandy and the planet but they get wiped out instead. Seconds before yet another death, Dr. Gel realizes the power of Dandy’s luck.

Space Dandy- Wonder

The episode had its colors removed but the scenes with Dr. Gel and Bea made up for the slightly strange premise of the episode. From boobs (provided by Dandy) being in an equation that explains Dandy’s immense amount of luck to Perry wanting to invade the library planet to avoid paying late fees, I just love these guys. Apparently the book went on 6 months of adventures that we didn’t get to see with Dandy and crew. Plus the book turned out to be a girl so that’s…unexpectedly cute (but pretty weird). It was an okay episode, but it was the usual “wtf” episode.

Space Dandy- WalkingSpace Dandy- QT

Episode 12 was probably one of the best episodes in the latter half of the series (not saying the previous ones were “bad”). Dandy is scoffed by Scarlet that the recent aliens he’s been registering haven’t been all that great so she tips him of a chameleonion, an alien that shapeshifts into anything. Dandy pinpoints a planet (that looks like it might have chameleons) and while fishing for some aliens, QT picks up fishing as a hobby. Turns out that QT catches the alien in question and it begins causing trouble for the crew. It eventually becomes Dandy and the two Dandy’s have a quiz on who’s more Dandier than the other. Eventually, both give up (the alien being described as taking up all notions of its target until it forgets itself) and assume their lives of Dandiness. That is of course, Gel’s magic hand takes the alien Dandy and has it become Gel. More chaos ensues, while Dandy enjoys himself a trip to Boobies.

Space Dandy- Doubles

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