Music of the Week #128-129


Diver Down

So scratch that about my computer getting fixed. It’s still blue screening itself to oblivion and further research reveals that they gave me an even worse video card that the old one. Expect more delays and more recap posts. If anything, I’m glad Dark Souls II is chipping away at my life since the videocard can’t even handle League of Legends at the present moment. I’m hesitant to redownload the games since I’m eventually going to get myself a labtop soon.

Spring break starts after classes tomorrow so if Dark Souls II doesn’t eat up my time, I’ll be trying to catch up with everybody through here. Prepare for a three weeker recap.

Anyways, with Anasui heading this dual weeker, I got two songs to share. But since I don’t like it when I’m delayed, I’m adding one more. This week’s themes are the themes for Lisa Lisa, Anasui, AND Vanilla Ice

Nisekoi and Space Dandy recaps coming up. Which is funny because it’s gonna be Mahou Sensou only. Nisekoi is 20 eps while Space Dandy is confirmed for two cour’d 26

3 thoughts on “Music of the Week #128-129”

  1. Psyched for the Western release of Jojo All-Star, I am. Hope your PC gets fixed soon, I do. Enjoy DS 2, I doubt not you will.

      1. Not that hardcore of a video game player honestly. I love a good challenge but not when it is cranked up to 11. I’m more of a 7-8 level max. Anyway, do you best to get that “ultimate fulfillment” emotion video game players look for in these kind of games.

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