Back from unexpected break


So at around Thursday of last week, my computer destroyed itself due to general Windows failure and also my video card burning out. I take it to the shop and I beg them to restore everything since at that point, I only thought of it as a video card failure. After two extra days of saving my data, I’m given back my computer with everything EXCEPT my Programs.

I didn’t have too many useful programs to begin with. Thanks to Steam, most of my games are still functioning but I was mostly into consoles anyway. The only major losses are Galaxy Angel and Kamidori. Installing and finding Galaxy Angel is going to be a bitch, but bearable since it isn’t an RPG. Kamidori is probably one of the games that has lasted me half a year (other than Fallout and Demon’s/Dark Souls), not much else has done this) is gone as well. I’m incredibly pissed but Light shares the same progress with my file so I might as well get his sooner or later. A lot of programs are gone and while a majority of them were useless, I’m still pissed not everything was able to be salvaged.

And apparently, sounds are being heavily distorted right now. Everything just HAS to fuck up.

That’s my excuse for my absence and I have around 3 posts to make up.

Gonna be a busy week.

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