Music of the Week #127


Jojo-Gangstar Dance

So my gaming schedule seems pretty booked with Dark Souls II coming out in less than a week and Chronophantasma on the 25th. Other than that, I’m awaiting Spring with bated breath. The two shows that instantly get on my watch list is of course, Jojo and the 2nd season of Date A Live. Everything else I forget but I will cross that bridge when the snow melts. Warner Anime on Youtube has the Character trailers up for Joseph and Avdol and I dare say they are pretty damn good. Sugita couldn’t pull off the Old Joseph as well as he did Younger Joseph but I feel like the new one is a great rendition. Both Avdols are great, but “judgement” (HAH, REFERENCE!) comes after Avdol gives us “YES I AM” and “HELL2U”. Kakyoin is up next and I have a hard time not imaging him as Koji Yusa. Do me proud.

Mahou Sensou is everything worse that I imagined. I wait. I will compare it later with some series when the season is up. On a happier note, I’m obviously enjoying Space Dandy (well, I liked the first half more in all honesty but I hope they can prove me wrong) and Nisekoi so far. I’m completely caught up with the latter as well.

If you aren’t ¬†following Twitch and Pokemon, we beat Generation 1 a while ago and we’re having a considerably easier time with Gen 2 in my opinion. Because navigation was tricky again and because we didn’t release our starter yet, our Feraligatr is above Level 40 while the rest cower at his power.

Anyways, I forgot to add Diavolo’s theme in the Character theme portion of the JJBA ASB theme marathon so here we are folks.