Nisekoi Episode 8: More Tsugumi!

So the announcement says that Nisekoi will have 20 episodes, fun fun fun.

The harem adds one more to its roster and now we get a bit more development with a “plot” point at the very end. I’ll tell you all right now that even after the events of this episode and the rest to come, know that even after 100+ chapters, we still have no idea which key is the one for Raku’s necklace. So don’t get your hopes up.

But enough of that, let’s just get to talking about the reverse trap

So with Tsugumi being a girl out of the way, we somewhat get to see her daily life. Basically training with assembling a pistol and keeping a watch on Chitoge. Speaking of Chitoge, she complains about feeding the animals so Tsugumi decides to take her place in getting more food. Raku is ordered to follow along with her but Chitoge dresses Tsugumi up before they leave.

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Everybody down town is effectively stunned/charmed by her appearance and then of course, short pet store trip where Raku helps Tsugumi from a fall. Skip a few seconds and then we have Tsugumi with an injured foot after said fall. Raku lifts her up and carries her on his back and then the question of love comes up. Tsugumi is faced with the question and objects that she gave up being interested on anybody and Raku utters a few things to completely shatter her view on romantic life.

Nisekoi- Dio

Tsugumi needs to confirm what she’s feeling inside her and goes around school asking the particular characters to identify the “illness” she has. Chitoge has no idea, Claude doesn’t have a clue, Shu guesses it on the spot, Ruri and Onodera hit it on the mark, and there we go: Tsugumi is definitely in love.

Last scene with Tsugumi and Chitoge seems to suggest something is afoot with the promise everybody seems to have made 10 years ago. Chitoge checks out her immense closet and finds an extremely interesting diary, with an extremely familiar premise…

So with the 20 episodes announcement, I have no fear that everybody will get their development chances. Can they fit 110+ chaps in 20 episodes? Probably not but I think, if anything, we’ll get season 2 sooner rather than later. We actually have one more girl that’s going to show up and she won’t be anyone we’ve seen so far, but she’s definitely related to Raku like the other girls. I’d guess around episode 10-11 she’ll show up.

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