Mahou Sensou Episode 8: Sibling Love

Am I my brother’s keeper? Does that excuse me from accidentally pushing him into the street and getting hit by a car and then taking his love interest?

Oh hell yeah, I’d be mad

Like my little quib there suggests, Takeshi’s brother finally shows up to finally set things straight. Does he finally get the revenge he wants? Will he finally settle the score? Are you actually still watching this? And are you actually still reading what I have to say about this mess?

I swear, my reviews for each episode get shorter and shorter

A new year rolls in extremely fast and Takeshi and Isoshima act as the greeters for new students. Ida signs up his little sister into the school (basically bringing her into more danger) and then “that” sibling arrives. Gekkou shows up and of course, puts on the extremely fake guise of the forgiving-open emotions to his brother.

Mahou Sensou- Group

Takeshi is obviously very disturbed by this but quickly comes to trust his brother. His teacher seems competent and has his suspicions. Later that night, Takeshi of course gets more nightmares and meets that guy with the glasses. Cue history lesson and foreboding things yet to come. Does no one else see that the dude could have just offed the main character and end the series? You’re in his bedroom, he’s defenseless, what kind of villain are you?

Short as hell summary because this entire series is slipping by me without anything grabbing on. Thank goodness it ends in a few weeks eh?

Mahou Sensou- Momoka

Anyways, Gekkou tries to predictably-forseeable secretive method of going against his brother. I assume the next episode is where suspicions really start to take root and then the following one with the evil finally happening. Last 2 episodes being the actual fight and actual making-up if that actually takes place of course.

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